The Uniqueness and Exquisiteness of Mr. Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a renowned leader in interior design. The company has been making artistic interiors for at least twenty-five years for hospitality, residential and commercial clients. It has been chosen to be on the Elle Decor list.

The company has made the best creative hotel, residential and retail projects all over the world for many of the clients. Their scope has gone through the design creation on the projects and also complete branding aspects. Mr. Richard Mishaan has got highly successful alliances in 5 of the permits. Mr. Richard Mishaan has successfully written two books “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury.”


There is lots of demand for the top notch decorators to work on the autopilot. A random variety of the best design alternatives would be the best aspect. The concepts of interior expert Richard Mishaan in his 2nd book “Artfully Modern” appears somewhat varied.


No one wishes to glance at a coffee table that has some spaces that seem to be average. Mr. Richard Mishaan is presently fifty-five years of age and is located in New York. He does great work for the hotels and private residences. This may also include renovation of the suite at St. Regis in the year 2010.


Artfully Modern has got some great spreads such as the lower Manhattan penthouse for a great businessman. Mr. Mishaan made a limestone stair hall whose walls have got a custom basket pattern. His first book, “Modern Luxury got published in the year 2009. In this book, Mr. Mishaan speaks regarding his work. He wants to exhibit the concepts behind designing and how they can impact you.


The Mishaan touch is a huge one, and he is a highly communicative individual. He has great awareness of architecture, fashion, and interior designs and that provides him a thorough knowledge of quality and luxury. Mr. Mishaan is born in Colombia. He started his career by working in the offices of Philip Johnson after getting a graduation degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of New York. He attended the University of Columbia School of Architecture also.



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