The result of Using Wen Hair Products for a Week


Emily Mcclure, a fashion and beauty enthusiast, decided to try the new WEN hair products to see their results. Mcclure has always been an avid lover of all beauty products. So an opportunity to try the highly popular hair products was a welcomed one for her. Her aim was to transform her thin hair and make it beautiful and luscious.

Mcclure opted to try the Fig version. This was guaranteed to moisturize her hair while making it more shiny and bouncy. She bought the Wen Cleansing Conditioner priced at $32. On her first day of using the product, she was confronted with two options. The WEN product suggested using a lot of the shampoo when washing hair. However, she felt that the amount suggested was too much. Despite this, she decide to see what works between using the amount suggested by the company or what she normally uses.


She used 10 pumps, minimal amount suggested, and the results were immediate. She noticed that her hair was not falling while showering and after blow drying it, it looked thicker, bouncy and shinier. After washing her hair the next day, it resumed the same thick and shiny look. On day three, after a morning shower, her hair retained the healthy and shiny look all day long. On day four, Mcclure skipped washing her hair and it felt greasy. However, by day five, she showered and styled it into waves and loved the result. After washing her hair every morning for the next two days, she realized that it retained an amazing, healthy look all day.

About Wen by Chaz Dean

Wen beauty products are available on Amazon are created by Chaz Dean. The products from Wen are innovative and all inclusive. They contain a shampoo, conditioner and treatment all in one bottle. This has made them cheaper to use because one only requires a single product for good results. In addition, the products are designed to work for any type of hair. However, one needs to find the right formulation depending on their hair type.

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