The Recommendations of Nine9 To Have A Successful Modeling Or Acting Career

If you’re an aspiring actor or model in California, Nine9 has some tips that can help you succeed. Chief among these is networking at every opportunity. People, especially decision makers, need to know who you are if you’re going to get work. Volunteer, work as an extra, introduce yourself when you get the chance. Have a brief explanation of who you are that is ready to go when being introduced to new people which will help make you more memorable.Nine9 also recommends taking classes whether you want to act or model as a living. Both take considerably more talent and work then they are sometimes given credit for. Your ability to shine will show during auditions for parts whether in a tv show or on the runway. You also need a professional headshot as you will need one at every audition to make an impression that a selfie just doesn’t communicate.

Other tips this company provides is to go to every audition you can because you never know where there will be an opportunity. Also take on the attitude that you’re not above any job that will get you a start in the industry; even being an extra can potentially lead to bigger and better roles. Finally, look for help from a company like Nine9 who can help connect you to jobs in the industry that can lead to greater opportunities.

Nine9 represents the 99% of people who want to work in the fashion or acting industries but don’t have an agent. Nine9 is well connected to people in both industries who need unique people to fulfill needs they have. In addition to providing coaching opportunities, the staff at Nine9 have a passion for creating opportunities for their clients including workshops that are attended by decision makers in these industries.

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