The Impact of Louis Chenevert in the Entrepreneurship World

Do you ever feel lost in amidst of completing or evaluating your entrepreneur projects? It is not abnormal. It happens to every investor. Sometimes when things go contrary to our expectations, we feel discouraged, and some part of us secretly tells us that it was a dream. What is the best way to get past incidences? One of the brilliant ways is by reading on the success journeys of the investors who were before you. By so doing, you realize that they also faced the challenges you are facing or worse. You also learn brilliant ways of having your work done. Read more on

Louis Chenevert is a highly ranked entrepreneur. He is among the world’s most influential personalities. Most enterprises that he has had his hand on has ended up successful. For this reason, many business persons in the world are employing his way of doing things. Fortunately, many of them have proved them effective.

Louis Chenevert is popularly known for the impact he made in the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was their chief executive from 2006 to 2014. Despite his stepping down from the position, the company owes him gratitude. Louis led to the high ranking of UTC. As a result of the high financial performance of the company, UTC became the most conglomerate firm in the nation.

Louis says that what contributed to his success was the ability to think differently and be open-minded. It is innovation that differentiates a company from its pool of competitors.


Louis Chenevert also led the company to invest in the future. The CEO believed that in so doing, the economy of the United States was safe. By investing in highly innovative future technology, he also meant human labor. Louis was very keen in the utilization of labor. He always moved the engineers who seemed to be in unproductive sites to places that their skills would be useful.

The current CEO of UTC also believes in future technology. As a result, there is a program that offers free scholarships in the company. Through the program, the employees have acquired degrees of their choice. This has significantly contributed to the productivity of the company.

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