The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Article on Wikipedia


Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia therefore authorship and copyright are factors to consider when submitting a piece of writing or an article. When developing an article from scratch, you will need to be very careful to avoid words that may be deemed defamatory. However, there are ground rules to set by the editing team that are a must to follow. The following are the steps that must be followed before you become a writer with the Wikipedia:

1. Like any other online service delivery company, one is required to have an account in order to access the company’s website as writer. To open a Wikipedia account, one is required to come up with a user name and a security pass. These two form then login information. However, you can also submit your articles without being a registered user through other registered users.
2. Wikipedia is very selective with the subjects covered by it wikipedia writers and users. Articles are required to be worth of notice before you make a submission.
3. In every article written and submitted to Wikipedia, the authorship of its content especially the borrowed information must be duly referenced.

Unwanted content

Wikipedia tries as much as possible to discourage self-references. If a writer feels he or she is worth of notice, they should let someone else write about them. Content written about people or groups are rarely accepted by the Wikipedia editing team. In addition, Wikipedia does not allow advertising or promotion of products in any way. Such contents will be removed and may cause one’s account to be blocked.


Violating copyrights can be a very serious offense with the federal laws. Plagiarism is also a serious crime in Wikipedia and writers are warned against presenting other people’s ideas as their own. Citing in Wikipedia is done in the inline citation style and references are given at the bottom of articles.


Articles in Wikipedia have a standardized quality that is expected. Referencing is emphasized in order to verify the authenticity or the material presented in your article. Plagiarism check also ensures that the quality of material written meets the originality threshold.


Wikipedia does not allow controversial materials on its platform and this can really affect your reputation and compromise your ability to continue writing. Writers who write controversial materials are more likely to be blocked from the site. Contravening these policy is a sure way of losing.

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