The Best Natural Lip Care For All

Lip balm that is in a cute container that is shaped like an egg. Most of us know I am speaking about the EOS lip balm. They have become very popular and for a good reason. These lip balms are all natural, but they can be found at your local drug store therefore they are convenient. The wonderful smells of EOS lip balm are not the only great quality about them they also have vitamins packed inside. They have natural oils to care for your lips. EOS has been sold since 2009, yet many people are purchasing their lip balm. The reason is because of how great it feels to run the smooth ball shaped balm on your lips. Also the fact that what your running on your lips is providing your lips with vital care that they need. The lip balm was on Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” which showed that even celebrities enjoy EOS lip balm.

EOS has a new and awesome Shimmer Lip Balm. It couldn’t get any better with this lip balm that adds shine and a touch of color to your lips. It has jojoba oil and vitamin E. It also does not have any harmful ingredients like petrolatum or parabens. Shimmer is exactly what we want from this brand because we enjoy shine and nutrients.

One of the lip balms I love the most is the Active Protection Lip Balm from EOS because it has a lemon flavor which goes well with those sunny days while it protects your sensitive lips from the sun.

Strawberry Sorbet is the best smelling and it does not miss the wonderful nutrients for lips. It has Shea butter along with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

EOS lip balms are available on ULTA or via

All of these EOS lip balms are fantastic!

To learn more about how EOS started, read fastcompany’s feature on them.


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