Ted Bauman rises from humble beginnings

From humble beginnings, Ted Bauman has risen to become one of the most successful financial writers. While he was still young Ted worked in a gas station, Burger King as well as McDonald’s.

Ted later enrolled for a postgraduate degree in economics and history in the University of Cape Town. After completing his studies, Ted Baumann received a job as a fund manager in South Africa. Ted was in charge of creating homes for the low- income earners in South Africa. This project became a great success and has since grown and provided homes to about 14 million people in about 30 countries.

Some of the lessons learned in his journey were to respect everyone, while working at the gas station. Ted experienced what it is like for people who have to wake up daily and make ends meet. He learned that it was important to respect people and more so people in the service industry. In the few years he worked in the services sector, Ted discovered that everyone plays a significant part in a country’s economy. Follow Ted on twitter.com.

Despite having a successful career, Ted Bauman has a few regrets. Ted feels that while starting his career, he was not able to make the most of the time. According to Ted identifying your priorities and planning your time well helps one to be fully productive.

He was, however, able to redeem himself. His articles are of great help to people all over the world seeking to have more knowledge about safe investment opportunities and some of the ways to protect wealth. Visit the website tedbaumanguru.com to learn more.

Ted recognizes that wealth is in many forms, it can be investments, properties or even businesses. However, according to Ted Bauman, there is more to wealth than what many financial organizations talk about.

The metals you have kept in the garage, the gems in the study room or even some of the cash you have saved in your house for emergencies is also part of your wealth. It is therefore essential to put in measures that will ensure the wealth at home is safe from theft or disasters.

Ted Bauman recommends a home safe that is waterproof and fireproof. Accessing a home safe is easy, and the best thing is that they can be customized to suit your needs.

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