Talkspace : Helping Introverts Conquer Face-To-Face Therapy

Talkspace can be the solution for introverts who have difficulty speaking face-to-face when discussing deeply personal topics. This app is uniquely designed to offer communication via texting. Often times some subjects are so painful or complex that getting them out verbally is nearly impossible, but having the option to write out the thoughts is one way to start the ball rolling.

The old saying is true, half the battle is just starting when dealing with emotional issues. Sometimes just by expressing, “ I had a bad day because … “ relieves pressure and opens the door to further discussion, which ultimately leads to varying levels of relief, but if you can’t even bring yourself to make the in person contact with a therapist, how do you start?

Talkspace is internet based and can be used on mobile devices or computers, a great option for those who don’t want long conversations typing on a small screen. The system is designed to connect licensed therapist with virtually anyone. Having access 7 day a week, 24 hours a day is also invaluable. Factoring in the cost of traditional mental health service and working around regular business hours might easily makeup for the fee of $128 per month.

Talkspace will match each individual with a therapist session by screening clients with a well thought out questionaire. The app can help the shy person begin their mental health journey. It certainly adds a new, convenient way to faster and easier services by harnessing the power of technology.

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