Susan McGalla Has Hd Success in Male-Dominated Companies

Susan McGalla is in a firm that has great gender-diversity and has also had great success. It should not be a suprise as statistics show that gender-divers firms are more likely to succeed then firms that don’t have gender-diversity.

Susan McGalla would have probably been successful, no matter how diverse her firm would have been. She grew up in a family where the father was a football and she had two brothers. She is used to not having any breaks and to work hard to do a good, competent job.

What she learned as a youngster helper her through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters to become the president of the company.

She then moved on to work for Pittsburgh Steelers as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Her organizations is dominated by men, but she is able to have success because she has great confidence in herself. She is glad that the Steelers have given her a chance to be successful and to earn her position.

Thee is a glass ceiling keeping women from rising in the ranks in a male-dominated company. There are networks and initiatives that can help women to past this ceiling. These groups try to make that women don’t get discouraged and to share ideas how they can become successful. They help them strategize to get past the glass ceiling.

Susan McGalla believers that these initiatives have not helpe overcome the problems caused by the glass ceiling.

One way that a woman could find to overcome the glass ceiling problem is to find a woman that will be their sponsor. They will encourage each and work on strategies that will ensure that they are successful in the company as well as against the glass ceiling.

She is not just involved with the Steelers. She is on the boards of HFF, Inc., a company that provides real estate services and the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation,.

Her personal is that she did indeed grow up with two brothers in Liverprool, Ohio. Her father was a football coach. She got Bachelr’s degree from Mount Union College in business and marketing. She is currently married to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.

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