Surfing The Wave Of Tsunami VR Technology and Alex Hern

The founder of Strategic Acquisitions is 51 year old Alex Hern. He also serves as the Co Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Tsunami VR Corporation. This VR company is based in San Diego, California. Tsunami VR specializes in the video communication sector of the technology world. It was founded in 2014 and serves over 5 different industries with their services and products. They have helped innovate many industries such as the automotive, military and construction fields. They use their visual expertise and consumer-friendly products to better their customer’s experience. The way they have made advancements in the technology world has propelled them to an elite status within their field of work. The team that makes up their company includes various levels of engineers, architects and program managers. Alex Hern is a member of many different boards and has helped other companies in addition to his own. His vision and progressive thinking has benefited all of those who work with or for him. Learn more about Alex at

As virtual video games have reached new heights over the past decade, Tsunami VR technology has grown tremendously as well. This has also been the case in other fields too. Many companies and businesses have integrated visual trainings into their education systems. This has given Tsunami an abundance of opportunities to expand their business. The real-life simulation that their technology provides gives a sense of authenticity that other forms of technology don’t provide. Alex Hern is a creative mastermind and plans to continue his journey and expansion. VR technologies will continue to advance and so will he. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

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