Surf Air Recommends Summer Vocational Destinations at Texas

Its summer time, that time when you have to quench your thirst for several times in a day. You might be wondering where you will be spending much of your time during the ever hot days at Texas. Well, Surf Air recommends some beautiful places where you can spend some time with your family and friends.

The Joule Hotel
The Joule Hotel is a fantastic place for you to visit. Although you will like the food in this Hotel, Surf Air recommends this destination due to the Midnight Rambler, a bar located inside this hotel. The classic and trendy nature of the bar makes it attractive for the old school and stylish guys who don’t want to be left behind by the ever-changing fashion and entertainment industry.

The Cedars Social
Are you looking for a to-go place where young members of your family will enjoy fruit juices, face painting, and bouncing castle? Surf Air recommends the Cedar Social, a southern sidebar that can remind you of the mid-century interiors. In here, you will meet cocktail guru, the renowned Lean Berry who has been in the industry for quite some time. Berry is the brain behind bourbon concoctions and a variety of fruit juices.

Soda Bar at NYLO Hotel
Texas never fails to amaze with rooftop bars that will give an opportunity to enjoy modern and classic drinks as you watch the sunset in the vast state. Surf Air recommends this destination for a clear Dallas skyline and additional foods such as salads, hot dogs, and tacos. You’d be in for a surprise if you got some appetite.

Uchi, Dallas
Surf Air recommends this wonderful hotel located at Uchi, Dallas, where you will enjoy seasonal foods that are customized for Dallas diners. You should taste this for once this summer. Some of the menu in this place will include makimono, sushi, sashimi, and yakimono. Visiting Tyson Cole’s restaurants, Uchi Houston, Uchi Austin, and Uchiko, will be something to remember in this vocational season.

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