Success of Review of White Shark Media Exponential Growth

White Shark Media is a fast growing digital marketing agency that offers online marketing solutions by utilizing online marketing tactics. The agency was founded by three experienced entrepreneurs in online and offline marketing who were of Danish origin in 2011. The co founders were Alexander Nygart and Gary Garth. White Shark Media offers experience, expertise and end to end customer services so that business owners can focus on running their businesses. Their clientele is mainly medium and small sized businesses. Currently, they have their headquarters in Miami, Florida with one hundred and fifty employees in three countries who are mastering Bing ads, Display advertising, and Google Analytics.

The structure of White Shark Media facilitates quick adaptation, learning and tapping into upcoming technologies. They are currently researching how to push forward with bilingual behaviors touted to build the industry’s future. From their research they have been able to deduce that PPC campaigns targeting Hispanics are more cost effective than the traditional English language. This will enable them to run multiple language campaigns with tailored ad copy, landing pages, and keywords which will, in turn, lead to significantly higher engagement, lower cost website traffic, and bigger return on investments.

White Shark Media ensures that they are accountable to their clients by tracking all their marketing efforts with search engine analytics, integration, propriety reporting software, competitive intelligence and with keyword level call tracking. Their winning formula was the use of talented and bilingual employees as well as their domestic and offshore presence. They use their marketing blog to educate the market as well as set high standards.

In 2012 Google identified White Shark Media and invited them to their headquarters in Mountain View California. Google assigned a support team to help them meet their clients’ needs better. In July 2014, White Shark Media was among the twenty-nine who were chosen for the Google AdWords TM Premier SMB Partnership. They also got recognized by Microsoft and did a coalition with them to participate in their Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program for their established reputation and success in marketing campaigns for small businesses. From the alliance, they have been able to see the prices go down of cost per click (CPC) & cost per leads (CPL).

On 20th November 2015, White Shark Media was selected as Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner. The programs helps partners understand the search advertising concept and how to optimize their ads for the best results possible.

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