Starting A Business With Marc Sparks

Many of them seem to have come out of nowhere and risen to dizzying business heights on the basis of one great idea. But they had to have had some help, at least in the form of initial financing. So before the next Donald Trump or Steve Jobs decides to risk everything on a dream, who should they turn to for advice and assistance?

If he or she is lucky, they’ll cross paths with Marc Sparks. Sparks is a Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has created more than sixty companies in his thirty four year career. They range from a restaurant to an insurance company, to a vodka brand, to an equity firm. While all of his ventures have not been rousing successes, enough have flourished that today, entrepreneur Marc Sparks is much sought after not only as a speaker, but for his business acumen.

It did not always appear that Sparks would be a business guru. As a high school student he struggled, and his grades were average at best. However, his interest in being his own boss motivated him to create his own business opportunities following graduation in the 1970’s, and while he continues to create and have a hand in managing his own start-up companies today, he also provides venture capital to other entrepreneurs, through sources like his equity firm, Timber Creek Capital. In addition to providing start-ups with financial assistance, Marc Sparks and  Timber Creek offers aid with everything from acquiring office space to engaging legal representation to hiring graphic artists and launching advertising campaigns. Some of Timber Creek’s proteges include Blue Jay Wireless, Bonn Oir Vodka, Boxstar Advertising, Cardinal Telecommunications and Social Sip, a company that helps marketers utilize various social media platforms.

In addition to his creating and funding start-ups, Sparks travels nationally for public speaking engagements.  Sparks, claiming his motto is “Never give up”, hopes the book will be inspirational to other entrepreneurs.

In addition to his businesses, Sparks devotes much time to charitable endeavors. Among them are the homeless shelter Samaritan Inn, Habitat For Humanity, and the Dallas based high school magnet program, American Can!

Purchase his best-seller They Can’t Eat You on!  Learn more about the serial entrepreneur on Sparks’ facebook and twitter pages.


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  • He is also currently working on a non-fiction book titled They Can’t Eat You, which covers his entrepreneurial journey. These days, it seems as though successful business people are just as big celebrities as anyone in sports or show business. It is a system in which could have been brought to the fore with the way in which they use the system all along.

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