Securus Technologies Video Visitation and Lower Recidivism Rates

Securus Technologies has developed a technology for offsite visitation between incarcerated men and women and their loved ones. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is now in place in about 180 correctional agencies in the United States. The company hopes to expand its presence to considerably more correctional institutions throughout North America during the coming few years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation permits family members and friends the ability to download an easy to use app to schedule and set up visitations with their incarcerated loved ones. The system permits a great deal more flexibility when it comes to inmate visitation. It also allows for family members and friends to connect through a meaningful visitation process with greater regularity than is possible through more traditional visitation structures.


At the present time, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month through Securus Technologies Video Visitation. That comes to about 2 million visits a year through the system. To date, the Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded about 232,000 times.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is proving itself invaluable in permitting inmates to maintain healthy and regular contact with family members and friends. Research studies by criminologists reveals that those incarcerated offenders that maintain solid communication with loved ones while locked up have a better chance of success upon release. They are less likely to reoffend.


Lowering the recidivism rate is a major benefit of Video Visitation. The technology is also a highly cost effective way of cutting into the number of incarcerated offenders who end up breaking the law again.


Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per visit, per inmate. On the other hand, Securus Technologies Video Visitation costs about $2.72 per individual visit. Stating that the savings is dramatic is an understatement. These saved funds can be expended on other programming to aid in lowering the recidivism rate and in keeping institutions and communities safer.


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