School Cafeteria Worker Fired for Feeding Hungry Children

The federal government operates a school lunch program to ensure that children from poor or low-income households have a square meal to eat while they are at school. According to federal guidelines, children from households whose median income is below $31,000 receive a free lunch. Those children from households who median income falls below $45,000 receive lunch at a discounted rate. There is no requirement to provide any assistance to those from higher income households regardless of the actual circumstances the children face.

In the Cherry Creek School District of Metropolitan Denver, children who do not qualify for assistance under the school lunch program are provided some food: a plain cheese sandwich on a burger bun plus a pint of milk. Needless to say, that meal often times does not satisfy a growing child’s appetite according to those at Amen Clinics. For this reason, Mrs. Della Curry, a kitchen manager in the school district, would provide meals to those children asking for it. She says there really was no choice when faced with a teary-eyed child pleading for food. Much of the time, Curry would pay for the meals out of her own pocket. However, the school district did not tolerate her violation of school policy and fired her for cause. For her part, Curry takes responsibility for her actions, but insists she would do it again. The school subsequently issued a statement denying the kitchen charity had anything to do with Curry’s termination. The fact that she clearly violated school policy feeding even up to the time of her firing had nothing to do with the school’s actions.

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