Sahm Adrangi and the Latest Kerrisdale Projects

Kerrisdale Capital Management is working in private investment management and frequently publishes reports on other corporations, betting for or against, their success and sustainability. The company of Kerrisdale Capital was started up by businessman Sahm Adrangi who established his success on the same primal or discussing business. The corporation is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. View Sahm Adrangi at


One of the latest research projects done by the Kerrisdale Capital Management firm was on the Eastman Kodak Company and explained why it has a short position on the business. Eastman Kodak Company is functioning in the industry of imaging and commercial printing. The business experience a rising of the stock by 187 percent since it announced its partnership to launch an image licensing platform and a photo-centric cryptocurrency.


The Kerrisdale Ca[ita Management state in its report that the announced project was but an attempt to pin in on the trend of ICO, meaning Initial Coin Offering. In addition to that, the report published by Kerrisdale Capital Management made a point of the unstable fundamentals of the Eastman Kodak Company and its capital structure, calling it ”unsustainable”. If the revenue of the Eastman Kodak Company starts falling to a particular tier, the Kerrisdale Capital Management stands to profit as it has made a correct prediction and provided the evidence to support it.



The founder of the corporation Sahm Adrangi entered the world of business after graduating from the Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2003. Sahm Adrangi started working at the Deutsche Bank as an Analyst but moved on after about two years. Next, Sahm Adrangi worked almost two years at the Chanin Capital Partners at the same position and another two years as an analyst at the Longacre Fund Mnagement LLC.


In 2009, he decided to embark on a new path of his career by establishing the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in Aril of 2009. Sahm Adrangi is functioning as the Chief Investment Officer of the corporation and leads many of the betting and research projects of the company. The Kerrisdale Capital Management does its research on business in the mining, biotech, and telecommunication industries. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

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