Rocketship Education CEO Puts Valuable Lessons Learned at School into Words

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith in 2007, on the upper portion of the Golden State’s San Francisco Bay Area. The proverbial apple of RSED, the initialism for Rocketship Education, doesn’t fall far from the Bay Area tree, as this nexus of public K-5 charter schools are known throughout the United States of America for their rapid implementation of technology in to the education process.


With Rocketship Education’s 10th birthday recently passing, Preston Smith put into words a list of the most valuable lessons he’s learned while administrating the network of primary schools. Below are five of the sentiments he expressed that can most easily carry over to other schools, even if they’re not public, kindergarten through fifth grade, or having several facilities across the nation.


Student diversity Teacher diversity


When teachers better associate with students and share common ground, they’re more likely to convey their lessons effectively. Rocketship Education makes certain to diversify the demographics of teachers prior to broadening the base of students’.


Parents shouldn’t be wary of moving kids into better schools


If parents don’t like the quality of education at one school, they should first voice their concerns. Afterwords, if administrators make no changes in their favor, parents shouldn’t hesitate to move students into better schools. This also holds RSED accountable, even though they’re dedicated to top-quality education.


Integrate disabled students into general purpose classrooms


Traditional education claims that placing students with special needs into small, segregated classrooms. Rocketship Education keeps these students in general classrooms the majority of their time spent at school, boosting their morale and grades, the ability of students to get along with disabled people easier, and teachers the tendency to more appropriately deal with bad behavior.


Administrators and teachers should listen to outsiders


While it’s strongly recommend not to actually take the advice of other people outside of education, simply listening to others’ input can’t hurt.


Teachers should have high plasticity


Rocketship Education values teachers that respond well to criticism. Instructors that aren’t pliable in their pedagogic strategies are quickly weeded out for those who are. Also, simply hiring teachers that have lots of experience doesn’t mean anything in relation to plasticity.


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