Richard Mishaan Design and Interior Design Mixing

Richard Mishaan Design is world renowned for the interior design work they have done around the world. Richard Mishaan has been creating spaces for countless clients for over 25 years. Originally born in Columbia and spending part of his childhood in Italy, Mr. Mishaan, was surrounded by vibrant colors. He uses his heritage growing up in Columbia and Italy as inspiration for projects he works on. He tends to use pieces that some would argue do not go together. He is a firm believer in mixing textures and colors, and eras and styles to create his masterpieces.


Even though Richard Mishaan moved to New York in 1978, he keeps a vacation home in Cartagena, Columbia, where he was born. He purchased a 16th century home and, while keeping some of the historic architectural elements, updated it to have a modern updated feel. The goal for his Cartagena home was for their guests to feel the same comforts as they do at home. Unlike some of his other projects that are more eclectic, this home is more streamlined. He used the same sinks and fixtures in all the bathrooms, the same marble, ebony wood floors, and red doors throughout the house, and the same bed is in all the bedrooms; the only differences among the bedrooms are the two additional furniture pieces that he added.


Mr. Mishaan hates to have limitations as to what pieces can go where when he is designing a space; because of this, his New York apartment flawlessly blends older pieces with contemporary pieces and is home to fine pieces of furniture and art.


An example of his eclectic style is seen in the front entry of his home. Here you will see stainless steal and wood pieces mixed together. The walls hold a variety of art from modern glass droplets to a historic Italian painting. His New York apartment is filled with art from prestigious artists like Donald Baechler and Botero. His apartment also has some different statement pieces that he blends into his design effortlessly; for example a green, black and red rug with serpents on it that lays the length of his hallway. The dramatic pieces in his home continues on through the master bedroom. Mr. Mishaan’s theory is to buy a piece first and ask where it will go later.

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