Raj Fernando’s Reign at Scoutahead

While still in school, Fernando would volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange before his way up as the executive member of the Chicago Board of Trade between 1991 and 2001. He attended Beloit College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics and history and later the University of London for advanced studies. While working as a volunteer, Raj acquired extensive entrepreneurial knowledge and experience that helped him establish Chopper Trading in 2002. Under Raj’s helm, Chopper Trading’s addressable market expanded significantly, having traded on the LSE, Eurex, ICAP-Broketek, and CME. In 2015, DRW, a Chicago-based trading firm acquired Chopper Trading. Consequently, Raj Fernando unveiled Scoutahead, the internet startup in 2016 to improve business and professional productivity and growth through advanced and reliable communication systems.

As the CEO and Chairman of Scoutahead, Fernando supports various humanitarian efforts in the United States. He serves on the board of directors for PAWS Chicago and board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Besides, he supports initiatives of humanitarian organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and Wounded Warriors. In 2011, Raj was appointed to the International Security Advisory Board responsible for advising then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. He later stepped down citing extreme instability in the international markets.

Raj Fernando’s tenure at Scoutahead

In the past decade, companies from all over the world have been ditching the traditional annual employee review process and replacing it with informal check-ins between managers and employees. As the CEO of Scoutahead, Raj Fernando commits to developing a platform that would facilitate and improve real-time performance review system. The traditional performance appraisal is no longer relevant for most businesses. It is criticized for restricting innovation, creativity, and not promoting collaboration at the workplace. However, Scoutahead fills the gap by providing a platform that facilitates real-time performance evaluation and enables employees to solicit feedback from their colleagues before their formal review. As such, Scoutahead provides a platform for employees to take charge of their real-time growth. According to Raj Fernando, abandoning performance appraisal helps employees to improve their talent management efforts; therefore, they are allowed to take charge of their growth.

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