Qnet: A Direct Selling Company Working To Improve Lives

Qnet, a direct selling company, has been around for 16 years. Their healthy and living well products, range from wellness products, skincare products, nutritional products, and jewellery. Their main focus is on quality products and brands that enhance the lives of their customers.

Their rigorous testing process helps them to figure out which products they will add to their Qnet family. The process is more than just about quality but also about morals and high standards. The company is following a very strict vegetarian philosophy where even their company events serve vegetarian meals. This vegetarian philosophy is followed for the edible and non-edible products. They do not carry any products that do animal testing. Also, they care about their customer’s health, promoting awareness about obesity, heart disease, diabetes. They want to educate their customer about how reducing harmful ingredients, like artificial sugars, can improve their lives.

Qnet is Asia’s leading direct sales company, and they believe that you need to better yourselves and those around you. Qnet is a company that believes in healthy living and improving their customer’s lives. They also give back by supporting their local communities and various organizations. One of the well-known organizations they work with is Rashid Centre’s programmes, which works for kids with special needs. Qnet and Lions Club have joined into a partnership to make a difference. Lions club is an international organization that serves the needs of their local community.

Qnet is Asia’s largest direct selling network that incorporates its philosophy into its business and philanthropic work. They work hard to improve the lives of their customers from the inside out.

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