Pot of Gold in Web Design

The web designing world just like any other business has its juicy clients that they are sure to earn a lot of money. It is like the big money ticket that everyone is eager to get. This, however is a bit different in the case of the web designing community. Ben Shaoul does this kind of thing all the time. I just got done reading another article published on observer.com about what Shaoul is up to now.  Do it big. Do it bold.

The community chooses this ticket not always depending on the client since only the big web designers can get the big named clients and so the little web designers have to look at job description rather than the one for who they are doing the job for.They look for certain jobs that will involve high end content that will obviously get a lot of visitors to the site and this makes it easier to make the site itself; in simple terms they will not need to make very big effort to make the site very readable so that it attracts visitors because the content itself will do that for the site.

A good example is the screen rant website which has a simple format of stories following themselves one after another with the top story at the beginning as is the top favourite screen rant movies of 2014.

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