Please Support ARAS and Give Cats Another Chance At Life

Some people out there look out for others ahead of themselves. As the man behind a lacrosse camp for kids and now a few fundraisers, Jon Urbana is a business professional that has dedicated his life to the service of others. He was a player for the Villanova Wildcats, but that was just the start of his amazing climb into success.

After he retired from his lucrative career, he went on to establish a lacrosse camp that teaches children how to play the game. This camp is more about the children’s’ self-esteem than winning. It is one of the foremost lacrosse camps in the country and the Denver area is lucky to have Jon Urbana as a support system in their local area.

He has been known to help various charities around the world, including Earth Force and Bright By Three. His charitable heart has made him one of the most compassionate and giving people that resides in Colorado. In the Denver area, he is the head of the business development for a laser device medical company. You can read a company overview of Ellipse USA on Urbana’s Slideshare page. This company is a privately held IPL that provides laser systems for companies.

The Aviation Business Gazette also reported that Urbana gained entry into the FAA’s Airmen Certification database. A video of him flying was shared to his Vimeo account recently. And he used Vimeo again to appeal to all potential donors out there, with a cool sketch video promoting his cause.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.


Though most of his charitable ventures have been regarding the helping of children, his new venture is helping animals. There are numerous animals, specifically cats, in the metro area he lives in that don’t have homes. Urbana is supporting the ARAS to help them raise the money they need to fight cruelty to animals.

Using the CrowdRise platform and Instagram, Urbana is helping to raise money by giving so many of these cats a safe place to call home. He’s also proclaimed on Twitter that he’ll match donations as they come in. As a non-kill shelter, this is one organization that he can stand behind. It is one of the cities greatest non-profit organizations and since he is known for his giving heart, this is one charity that he strongly supports. Any proceeds that are made through this fundraising campaign will go directly to the ARAS and help these poor animals.

This center is a no-kill cageless rescue that uses volunteers to make the home a sanctuary for the animals. They don’t receive government tax dollars, as they are not municipal shelters. They rely on the kindness of others to make their center work. Help Urbana to make sure these animals have a home rather than the streets of Denver.

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