Panama: 10 Interesting Things

Panama is a beautiful country that is also diverse. It is the bridge between Central America and South America on Twitter. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and boasts tropical weather. Here are 10 things you should know.

1. Around a third of the revenue comes from the canal
The Panama Canal is 80 km in length and it took almost two decades (17 years) to build. It brings in a lot of money for the country, such as tourism on Even more than that, there are businesses that set up around the canal due to over 14,000 boats coming through the canal every year.

2. It has more bird species than Canada and the U.S.
Panama is incredibly biodiverse. It has over 950 bird species. The lush environment and coast provide habitats for all kinds of airborne animals.

3. They use the dollar
The U.S. dollar is actually the official money of Panama, and has been since 1904. It signifies that the U.S. and Panama are very close.

4. There is a city in a volcano
El Valle de Anton is situated right within a crater of a huge volcano. It brings tourists because of the unique location. While the volcano is inactive, it is still possible it could erupt again.

5. It has the lowest population in the region
No other Central American country has less people living in it. There are only around 3.5 million in Panama. Most of the racial makeup is American and European.

6. Republic of Gran Colombia was the former name
It used to be that Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama were one country until 1821. It was that way since the Spanish conquered it in the 1700’s. But Panama didn’t break away until the 1900’s.

7. Panama City is alone as a capital city with a rainforest
No other capital city in the world boasts views of a rainforest nearby. But in Panama, that is the case. Locals and foreigners like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa alike love to explore it.

8. It has the most expensive railroad ever made
Panama has a railroad that cost around $8 million to build. And what’s more is that over 10,000 workers died building it. A variety of illnesses were to blame.

9. Panama enjoys over 2,000 km of coast
The coastline is vast in Panama. It adds to the views and lifestyle. It’s one of the reasons people love the country.

10. Volcan Baru is the highest point
At over 3,300 meters over sea level, this point is the top. It towers over the ocean. People come from all over to visit it.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an executive from Venezuela originally. He holds three prestigious titles as a director, treasurer, and president. He is part of five companies.

The Panamanian business community is something he has been a part of for a while. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa helps them grow and prosper and mentors young people as well to improve the community. His first appointment was in 2011 and his longest one is almost five years.

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