Find Your Match With Whitney Wolfe

Bumble Dating App was founded by Whitney Wolfe in 2014, Badoo another dating company has the majority shares in Bumble. In dating apps, the male and female chose their match differently and in the event, they select each other, the man will contact the lady.

In Bumble, however, the lady is the one to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe came with the idea of women being the first to contact to give them confidence and make them feel they are in control. Dating apps make people who even had no chance of meeting get connected; Bumble not only helps you find significant other but also BumbleBFF helps in creating friendships. Bumble is also in the process of making Bumble bizz for finding new jobs.

Many Feedbacks from clients using dating site are always positive; Bumble, on the other hand, has achieved a bigger percentage of successful relationships that started on the dating site. Levels of abuse and harassment have been quite low, an example in 2015, there six hundred and twenty cases this is just a drop in the ocean compared to the number of users.

“Tinder has changed the way we meet, but is increasingly proving a turn-off for female users sick of the misogyny it attracts. Now a new generation of app developers is fighting back.”

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City in 1990 and was brought up experiencing different community and culture making her appreciate different people. Since she was young, she had a passion for trying new, different things, which saw her start a business for selling bags in college. Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University and earned  a degree in International Studies.

Whitney Wolfe worked at Hatch Labs where she was part of startup Cardify. Later, she co-founded Tinder dating app; in 2016 it was ranked the most popular dating app. After that is when Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble. Whitney Wolfe understands the needs of people and Bumble is evidence of that, she created a site that different people can trust to get what they desire.

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The Bank President Attends the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference

The NexBank’s chief executive and managing director, John Holt, participated in the fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana and organized by Texas Bankers Association. Mr. Holt joined other panelists to discuss strategies for reinventing community banking. The conference offers a chance for consultants, bank leaders, and advisers to discuss issues affecting community bank leaders and the available opportunities.

About NexBank

With assets worth $4.6 billion, Nexbank Capital excels in delivering mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services to financial institutions. The company also serves middle-market companies, institutional clients, real estate investors, and large corporations with investment banking solutions.


One of the driving forces towards the success of Nexbank is its leadership structure. The company has a leadership team that strongly focuses on serving clients. NexBank’s professionals also combine their industry expertise with customers’ needs during service delivery. Their financial services benefit the individual, institutional, and corporate clients. James Dondero is the chairperson of Nexank’s board of directors. Dondero is the brains behind Highland Capital Management, a company that he serves as CEO and president. As NexBank’s chairperson, Dondero leads other board members in strategic planning initiatives. He also consults with NexBank’s leadership team on how the company can expand its services to reach local and international clients. The board members have extensive executive experience and are committed to the success of the company. CEO John Holt oversees the daily operations of NexBank.


Through commitment in service delivery, Nexbank focuses on serving clients by delivering unique solutions at every opportunity. The company also allows customers to access tailored and sophisticated solutions promptly. Professionals whose records of accomplishment are plausible also provide these solutions. NexBank’s service charter was established in 1922. Whether a client is seeking mortgage, commercial, or investment banking services, these professionals provide high-performance solutions.

Wessex Institute of Technology Journals Aim to Harmonize Scientists in Different Areas of Study

The Wessex Institute of Technology journals (or WIT Press) allow for the various disciplines of science to work together on solutions to global issues. There are six journals available in hard copy or online and an additional two more journals are expected in 2017. Researchers, scientists, and instructors work with each to discuss various topics that include environmental problems, upholding heritage culture, modern transportation modes, energy production, and computational methods. Safety engineering, the integration of science and nature, and environmental planning and development are also addressed.


For over thirty years WIT Press has offered a platform for those in the specified fields to discuss issues and offer solutions. WIT Press publishes the contents of the Wessex Institute of Technology conferences. These publications are offered on their eLibrary. Those interested may subscribe to the journals and also request book flyers on specific subjects. In addition to professional scientists, these journals are useful to graduate students and managers in relative fields. Their headquarters are in Southampton in the United Kingdom and Boston, Massachusetts.

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Fabletics: A Way of Life to Choose

For women that hate the shopping experience due to the fact that nothing ever fits in the right places and that nothing fits their exact style or costs less to fit their budget, one new recommendation is to try a new trending brand that has been created to specifically offer a high quality clothing product that is also great for individuals that are on a budget. This clothing brand is known as Fabletics, a growing company within the industry of athletic gear and a clothing brand that has been introducing a new way of life to women all over the world.


The company of Fabletics was created by Kate Hudson, a woman who has many titles as well as many talents including the fact that she is not only a world renowned actress, but by the fact that she is also a mom on the go who is constantly looking for a new project to involve herself in that will help others. Kate Hudson is a mother of two who understands how hard it often is to wake up in the morning with her early hours and to put on an outfit that is stylish. As a result, the athletic gear that she has created is not only a comfortable brand of clothing, but is also incredibly stylish that will make any woman feel confident and ready to go when she wakes up in the morning.


Kate Hudson developed Fabletics with the help of her marketing team in order to not only create a line of clothing, but to also create a new way of life and to make sure that her customers as well as her clients are inspired to continue to live an active lifestyle. Kate Hudson and her brand of Fabletics encourages her customers to go on walks, go running, participate in yoga, as well as workout in the gym. Kate Hudson believes that an active lifestyle is the best way to promote well-being.


Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics continues to grow and has made sure that a healthy way of living is promoted to women of many different body types and to women who do many different activities in different environments. Fabletics is expected to continue to grow at an exponential rate in the future and is expected to help many more individuals not only grow in a positive attitude, but to also grow in confidence.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Strategies for College Basketball

One of the most interesting and busiest parts of the casino is the sports book. Additionally, there is a high probability of winning. Nonetheless, there are many steps that one should master to win on a constant basis. This article discusses various aspects of sports betting in college basketball. They include types of wagers, strategies and bet sizing.

There are various factors to take into consideration before risking hard-earned cash on a basketball game. These include determining the well-performing teams, where the game is played and whether to bet the money line or spread. While determining the performance of a team, one should also check to see if the key players are playing or not.

There are two kinds of bets to consider. These are the money line and the spread. The money line, usually, is preferable when betting for the weaker team. It’s always advisable to bet on the home team, especially if it stands a bigger chance of winning the game. In college basketball, the home arena advantage is essential to the players. However, don’t wager on the team if the money line is over $300. A line this large means that it is very unlikely for the home team to win.

Good teams are likely to set the game’s pace. Their opponent will feel the need to match the pace. This offers extra value to the trailing team. While watching the games, bettors need to look for trends to exploit. Therefore, they need to do their homework too.

Some sports bookies offer sports betting for college basketball. is one of the ideal sites for placing bets on March Madness odds. Looking for March Madness odds is important. One should watch out for the mid-tier teams that rely on a couple of players to score. Since those teams aren’t likely to advance in the Tournament, those players may be undervalued. This makes them prime targets in every match; even in defeat.

Conversely, look for the team with high March Madness odds. They may place the best players as substitutes to keep the game going. These teams often end up with easier match-ups in the NCAA Tournament. When betting, look out for the top bench scorers. This will help you decide on the best team to bet on and the amount of money to stake. For anyone that wants to place bets on March Madness odd, would be the ideal site for them.

Todd Lubar Demonstrates with the Right Attitude: Latitude is Determined

Todd Lubar began his real property journey in 1995. It was reasonably logical, to the young entrepreneur, that due to his fascination with each component of the business, that he had made the correct choice. He initially began his career progression as a loan originator. He started the process by joining up with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While at the mortgage company he was able to attain valuable knowledge with regard to the field of mortgage banking. The experience served as highly valuable to the positive, goal-oriented, Lubar. Todd spent a great deal of his time in the development of establishing a rapport with the community’s R.E. representatives. He, too, made associations and partnerships with certified public accountants, financial planning professionals and insurance representatives. In doing so, Todd acquired a terrific referral system, necessary to his business success quotient.


The progressive Lubar went another step further, in 1999. He acquired equity in the Legacy Financial Group. When he acquired equity in Legacy, he was able to, summarily, optimize his lending capabilities. Todd, in other words, was able to provide loan brokerage services to a greater share of investors.


Todd, in 2002 decided to elevate the bar, with regard to his real estate service: he established, Legendary Properties, LLC. The preceding company is a residential development organization. Todd became a housing rehabber,and was able to sell and profit, with respect to approximately two-hundred projects. He rehabbed single family homes as well as 20 unit multi-family properties. While in the process of rehabbing, Lubar developed rapports and acquaintanceships with building tradesmen. Todd knew that these relationships were necessary in order to quickly turn over the properties which he purchased. He, too, made it a point to establish partnerships with banking institutions and, in doing so, established a weighty line of credit.


Todd, in 2003, opened up Charter Funding which is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. The preceding corporation is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the nation. His partnership with First Magnus Financial Corporation allowed Todd to further expand his business.


Todd Lubar, at this time, had been involved in the real estate industry for over twelve-years. Reviewing the prior period, Todd noticed that a certain portion of the population was going unaddressed. In order to meet the needs of this niche market, he established the business entity of Legendary Financial, LLC. Legendary Financial LLC is an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. The purpose of Legendary Financial, LLC was to serve the needs of the commercial community; and private individuals. Todd made use of the liquidity in Legendary Properties, LLC; along with his personal funds, in order to provide services to his borrowers. The preceding borrowers were being passed over by the provincial lending institutions. Todd was able to provide services, successfully, to this vast niche. In doing so, Todd properly analyzed overall risk, as it pertained to each loan he involved himself. He made his lending decision, partly on how the economic market was responding to borrowers and bankers, alike.


Many persons will recall that the mortgage industry went through a major overhaul during the period of 2007 and 2008. Todd, in response, involved himself in several business enterprises including: commercial demolition services, and recycling, during this time-period.


Currently, Tood Lubar takes up residence in the Bethesda, Maryland area. He enjoys spending his leisure time with his children. One part of the country, though, that Todd mentions he adores is the sunny state of California. Naturally, the curious and active businessman and Bethesda, Maryland resident enjoys travel.


Todd believes in constantly striving for excellence with respect to every endeavor, which an individual wishes to pursue. Todd, mentions, too, that he hopes with each meeting, of a new person, he has made that person’s day just a little brighter. The preceding behavior, it is believed, is what has skyrocketed the optimistic Bethesda businessman to that of the highest level of business success.

Chris Burch Sees Future Merge Of Fashion And Tech

A Billionaire’s Vision For The Future

Chris Burch knows the fashion industry very well. With a net worth of more than $1 billion, he has made most of his fortune through successfully predicting which trends in the fashion industry would take off and which would come to an end. Now, the fashion mogul has a new prediction for fashion. He believes the fashion industry and the tech industry will merge together to form a collective future together.



Looking To The Past For Answers

To understand the trends as Chris Burch sees them, he suggests looking into the past of the fashion industry. Over the decades, the fashion industry has turned certain pieces of tech into fashion statements in their own right. In the 70s, the boombox was a popular accessory associated with urban fashion. Later on developments such as the Walkman created entirely new fashion statements. We can see a similar trend today with devices such as the Apple Watch and other examples of wearable tech. Chris Burch believes this is where things are headed and it’s where he’s putting his money.



The Examples We See Today

The aforementioned Apple Watch is just one example of how tech and fashion are merging today. Finding other examples is an easy task. There are innovative companies creating airbag necklaces, gloves specifically designed for firemen and so much more. Technology aims to make our lives more convenient and add new dimensions to our life. There is a natural interest in finding ways to integrate technology into our clothing and provide us with a ways to keep technology running in the background. As time goes on the connection between technology and fashion will grow and create new and exciting trends.



The Track Record Of Burch

Chris Burch has a long history of correctly predicting trends in the fashion industry. Starting with his early college days onward, just about every business he creates or invests in manages to succeed. With this in mind, his predictions for the future of the fashion industry are even more pithy. The fashion industry is probably going to do exactly as Burch plans. When smartphones first came out, people wanted to turn them into fashion statements. They bought special phone cases designed to give their phone a unique look fitting their sense of style. As Burch sees things, this sort of trend is likely to continue.



Mikhail Blagosklonny: The Oncology Expert

Mikhail Blagosklonny is renowned scientist and researcher with massive records in undertaking studies on cancer and aging. He serves as the professor of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York. Blagosklonny studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he earned his Master’s degree in Internal Medicine and a PhD in Cardiology and Experimental Medicine.

Career Progression

Blagosklonny began his career in 2002 as an associate professor of medicine at the Valhalla-based New York Medical College on Impact Journals. He later took up a position of senior scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York where he worked until 2009 when he moved to Roswell Park Cancer Institute as the professor of oncology. Blogosklonny’s work involves research on cancer and the targeted therapies that aid protection for normal cells in addition to underlying issues with aging (biogerontology).

Rapamycin and Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny has made progression in the field of aging with his formulated hypothesis indicating a possible role of TOR to aging and cancer. He is among the active advocates of use of rapamycin, which is a popular cancer drug and suggests that the drug has possible life extension effects.

Editorial activities

Mikhail Blagosklonny is editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle, Aging, and Oncotarget. He also serves as member of the editorial board at Cell Death & Differentiation and an associate editor of Cancer Biology & Therapy.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a traditional multidisciplinary journal on offered to the public free of charge. It publishes online papers on a weekly basis and may be printed out for special use.

The mission of Oncotarget is to enable people to access scientific results quickly and widely. It also yearns to share insightful that impact research, allow sharing for exceptional discoveries, eliminate boundaries between specialists, and to fight diseases through application clinical and basic science.

Oncotarget Launches Sections beyond Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s success with Oncotarget has seen the launch of sections beyond oncology. It now provides Free Almetric Article Reports at in the new line of journals that give a real-time tracking of contents on traditional media channels as well as digital platforms.

Equity First Holding Stock Loans

Equity First Holding LCC has offered customers with different financial solutions, enabling clients to meet their personal and professional goals by supplying capital against a publicly traded stock. It has done this since 2002. Equity First Holding commonly abbreviated as EFH continues to provide finance against share traded on public exchanges around the world. EFH has successfully made transactions worth more $ 1.4 billion up to now, it has done this through providing clients with low fixed interests’ rates loans. EFH is a global company with offices in 9 countries such as the fully owned subsidiaries Equities First (London).

The Equity First Holding specializes mainly in the unusual loans. Due to the tightening of the conventional credit markets, EFH offers the alternatives credits, the stock loans which have been increasing gradually. Because every startup company usually struggles with securing funding EFH came in to fill in the gap offering creative alternatives. If possible stock loans are creative ways for many entrepreneurs to fund a business. EFH issues microloans to that business that would otherwise not qualify for a bank loan as a result of low income or poor credit that causes the interests rates to shoot up.

When most businesses is in their initial stages they struggle to generate significant revenue immediately. With large interest rates payment the pressure on the business to succeed buildup. The stock loans offered by EFH is a great alternative because of the lower interest rates. According to the survey that was carried out by the Equity First Holding a few years ago, 400 finance officers who were sample were asked if they would recommend a stock loan, 57% of them said they would.

Entrepreneurs and startups would benefit a lot by working with the Equity First Holdings this due to specific reasons, they offer their stock loans on simpler terms. For a period of three years equities is used by stock loans as collateral. For example, if a customer has stock in company A and knows the stock will increase in value in the years to come. Instead of liquidating his shares in the company the shareholder hands over the shares to the lender and gets the loan proceeds. The security that is brought by the stock loan is one of the loan’s important feature. The individual retain 100% of the of the company A’s stock increases in value during the loan term.In simpler terms, the business’s stock are used as collateral for the loan. The customer does have to sell their stock. Instead, the Equity First Holding will hold on to the business stock until the loan is paid up.

Clay Siegall’s Company Finds New Treatment Methods

Seattle Genetics is an innovator in the field of biotechnology. It develops treatments for various types of cancer. It uses the novel method of anti-body based therapy. It has developed one of the industry’s premier antibody-drug conjugates which harness the ability of antibodies to send cell-killing agents directly into infected cancer cells. The drug known as ADCETRIS is the company’s number one product. It was developed in tandem with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. It is in the new class of drugs that are available to people in more than 60 countries in the world. It treats Hodgkin lymphoma and large cell lymphoma.

Seattle Genetics was founded by Clay Siegall, and it was founded in Bothell Washington in 1998. It has a stable pipeline of treatments for solid tumors and cancers of the blood. Companies such as AbbVie, Bayer, Celldex, Genentech, Pfizer, Astellas and GlaxoSmithKline have partnered with Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics has achieved positive data in early tests of treatment of cancer in a solid tumor setting. It remains to be seen if the early results can be backed up by more trials. The company states that its new antibody-drug conjugate called SGN-LIV1A has achieved results in treating patients who have negative metastatic breast cancer. This type of cancer has proven difficult to treat over the years. The trial was performed at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Seattle Genetics is testing four candidates in its series of trials that are aimed to eliminating solid tumors. The successful drug contains a LIV-1-targeted monoclonal antibody. This drug has the power to send a cell-killing payload into cancer cells to eliminate them. The drug was determined to be a success because it had a 37% rate of response in patients. Furthermore, these patients were no longer responding to other forms of treatment. This makes this drug a new potential last hope for many suffering from this terrible form of cancer. Every year 1.67 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of them are triple negative meaning they have a poorer chance of survival and their disease will progress more rapidly. Seattle Genetics hopes to pioneer new treatments for helping these people.