ClassDojo – The Future of Education

ClassDojo’s method is a simple, sensible way to approach how we educate today’s children. Teachers, students and parents stay connected not to form the perfect classroom because such doesn’t exist, they connect to form what’s best for an individual. Education is not “one size fits all” anymore, if it ever was. ClassDojo offers the opportunity to design a class room that works best for all in these modern times.

ClassDojo is an app that’s all about communication and putting social media to good use in the class room. Throughout the day, and even when school is dismissed, this app connects students, teachers and parents via sharing of videos, photos and messages. Over 90% of U.S. students K-8th grade are succeeding with this software in areas where standard methods of education just weren’t working anymore.

Now ClassDojo has spread to 180 countries and been translated in more than 35 languages. This software keeps people connected without the need to share private contact information. Whether it’s messages between concerned parents and teachers, or questions from students, being able to ask and get the answer when you need it is an idea long past overdue.

Daily “stories” are continuously updated streams of pictures and videos of the school day. Each student has their own story which parents can monitor throughout the day so they are well aware of what’s really going in the class room and are more prepared to help when it’s needed. Students use stories to create their own timeline and keep track of personal progress.

Teachers and parents use ClassDojo “Big Ideas” to access material that teaches students the social-emotional skills they need to thrive now, and in the future. The two video series “Growth Mindset” and “Empathy” have been viewed by almost half the children in the U.S. from ages 5-14. With the help of software like ClassDojo the future of children all over the globe is now a brighter place because they will be ready for it.

Amicus Therapeutics Going To The Top of The Scientific Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is known as being an American biopharmaceutical company that is located in Cranbury, New Jersey. 2007 is the year that the company managed to go public with the NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD. The main focus of Amicus Therapeutics has always been on rare and orphan diseases. This happens to be a disorder that is a lot of time known as being called lysosomal storage disorders. Most of the products that the company happens to develop however are based on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, also known as being called CHART. The company has also spent a lot of time focusing on enzyme replacement therapies. Read more about Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics was announced in 2004 as having one of the best-known portfolios of small molecule pharmacological chaperones within the entire pharmaceutical industry. Amicus Therapeutics amazingly was able to expand to having a second site located in San Diego in 2008. At the moment the company is working on producing migalastat as their lead product candidate. This product happens to be able to treat individuals that happen to have Fabry disease. The products have been seen by many workers at the company as being one of their best products yet but hopefully not their last amazing product.


Since 2005 John F. Crowley has proudly been able to be the companies, chief executive officer. Then in 2010, John was able to win against Donald Hayden, Jr to be the company’s chairman of the board. David Lockhart happens to be Amicus’s chief scientific officer as of 2010. Amicus Therapeutics is one company that continues to grow and they plan on continuing to do so. They are hoping that in the years to come that they will begin to see many improvements made within the company. As for now though the company has no plans to stop improving. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Does Coffee Make a Difference? At Organo Gold, the Answer is Yes

There might be more benefits to your morning cup of joe than you think. According to a recent post in USA Today, coffee can potentially lead to a longer life.

Two studies published in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, one examining Americans and one examining Europeans, found that coffee drinkers experienced a lower risk of fatal diseases than people who didn’t drink coffee. It’s the latest sign of a correlation between coffee and your health.

Coffee containing Ganoderma, or reishi, is also purported to have significant health benefits. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows on wood. It has been used in Asian medicines for thousands of years and has only recently gained awareness in the West. There are antibacterial, anticancer, and antiviral benefits in the bioactive properties of ganoderma mushrooms. Ganoderma mushrooms are also known to strengthen the immune system. In Chinese, ganoderma are known as the lingzhi, or sacred, mushroom. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Ganoderma coffee is not only lower in caffeine than regular coffee, it can help flush toxins and balance the body’s pH levels. Organo Gold recognizes the Ganoderma mushroom’s health benefits and specializes in coffees and teas that contain Ganoderma. Organo Gold does not harvest their mushrooms using plastic bags like some companies, but sources only the finest Ganoderma from high in the undisturbed Wuyi Mountains. Organo Gold is also available at

Organo Gold doesn’t just use the best ingredients, they deliver good by doing good: independent Organo Gold distributors earn extra income and distribute premium coffee and tea products to the world.

So the next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, remember: it’s good for you.


Optimize Your Business with OneLogin Cloud-Based IAM

Many manufacturers are turning to cloud-based technologies for management. Their chief concern is how to cost-effectively achieve improved security, easy identity management, and agility in their operations.

On-premises management systems may have been efficient over the last two decades, but they may not suffice the contemporary world’s challenges. For instance, a firm which interacts with thousands of stakeholders may experience untold sluggishness and adversely affect its productivity.

Another challenge is how to protect sensitive data which workers need to access remotely. Manufacturers need a way to restrict access to such information to prevent hacking activities.

With regular identity management systems, IT spends a lot of manipulating employee information. Some workers often forget their passwords reducing productivity on their side as well as the IT department as they modify the credentials.

Advantages of Cloud-Based IAM

Cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a surefire solution to these challenges. OneLogin IAM integrates some incredible services such as single sign-on, real-time Active Directory integration, and multifactor authentication. It also offers more than 5000 useful apps including Oracle, SAP, Office 365, and G Suite.

Its Single Sign-On Portal consolidates every employee’s apps for rapid and simplified access using a single password. Consequently, the firm’s productivity increases and IT saves hours of support time as workers are less likely to forget passwords.

OneLogin automates the onboarding and offboarding of users and provides IT with HR-system integration simplifying the transition of incoming and leaving employees.

Adaptive Authentication is a smart feature of OneLogin which explores specific factors on how users access their apps. It analyzes the user’s geographic location, time, login device, and network familiarity. If it detects an anomaly, it dynamically responds, demanding further authentication features.

When adopting OneLogin, one does not have to do away with their on-premises web apps. OneLogin Web Access Management (WAM) integrates with the web servers securing legacy apps while connecting to the OneLogin Cloud Directory.

About OneLogin

Thomas and Christian Pedersen founded OneLogin in San Fransico in 2009. Owing to rising security and productivity concerns, they designed an IAM solution that was secure and user-friendly. Its official launch was in 2010.

Why one should consider Securus Technologies to prevent any Crime

Securus Technologies is a provider of the crime related investigations through the use of technology in Texas, US. The CEO of this renowned company is Richard Smith, popularly known as Rick Smith having founded it in 2014. The company provides services related to crime in the following information.

The corruption scandals in any organization

Securus Technologies helps companies to prevent these kinds of problems in case the orchestration of the deal is through the phone. They assist such clients in identifying the callers from their cell phones and tracking down their conversation. This activity has reduced corruption cases not only in the US but also in other parts of the globe.

The ethics that the company runs on

Securus Technologies through its CEO, Rick Smith, would settle for nothing less the quality service delivery. As a result, they operate on the strict principles of selfless service delivery to all their clients. The organization runs not only on the confidentiality principles but also transparency. There is no discrimination in this company among the 1000 employees as well as between them and the clients.

There wide range of investigation facilities that Securus Technologies offers in prevention of crime

The company helps the department of prisons both in and outside Texas to identify the inmates who either use or sell drugs in prison. At the same time, the LBS services in Securus Technologies bring out the evidence of any harassments or even potential threat to the community or individuals.

The kind of clients that Securus Technologies serves

This company does not discriminate against anyone by race, age gender or ethnic affiliation. It helps all people in the US. In fact, presently, its client population is over 2.5 million people. It has also increased the in-house residential call care to serve the ever-increasing population.

Any individual would like to get in touch with the company should always be free to look at more of the services offered Securus Technologies in crime prevention.


Drew Madden An IT Medical Records Innovator

Drew Madden is a futuristic healthcare solution leader and thinker. He achieved an Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering degree specializing in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with a concentration on Medical Systems. Currently, he has over ten years of experiencing in managing and implementing electronic medical record projects.

As an IT entrepreneur in the healthcare field, Drew believes in creating a well-trained company environment by employing technically-skilled professionals that are tops in their field. Healthcare IT is used to improve communication between the patient and their doctor by accurately sharing information for better informed decisions.

Drew Madden’s background in consulting began with his work at Cerner Corporation where he became versed in cultivating inpatient IT medical solutions as an Implementation Consultant. In 2005, he joined Healthia Consulting, which became Ingenix Consulting in 2007, later to be called Optum Insight, a subsidiary of United Healthcare. His position was as a facilitator of IT healthcare solutions. He was soon promoted to the position of Business Development and served as a consultant for Epic Consultants.

In 2010, Mr. Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners (“NCP”). In 2011 he was appointed President and served in this position until 2016. Under Mr. Madden’s leadership, NCP grew exponentially in clients, employees, and revenue. As President he managed staff recruitment, business development, and growing client-partner alliances locally and internationally.

Upon leaving Nordic Drew Madden began his own IT consulting enterprise, called Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is a firm that provides experienced industry-leading healthcare IT experts for their clients throughout the U.S. The goal and mission of Evergreen is to support healthcare organizations to increase and improve client satisfaction quotas and to maximize their client’s IT investments.

Drew Madden is a talented IT entrepreneur who has invented many innovations for using electronic medical records. His creative search engines have quickly solved electronic troubleshooting issues and solved many complex challenges that normally accompanies electronic medical records sorting and categorizing. He has years of experience in project management and consulting services to help his company – Evergreen, as well as their clients across the country in building successful IT teams.

White Shark Media Conquers the Digital Market

White Shark Media is among the top digital marketing agencies offering marketing solutions that suit small and medium-sized businesses. The group is becoming popular as among the fastest growing digital companies in North America. The growth of the firm thrives from their reputation of creating budget-friendly campaigns on search marketing. Besides, they provide state-of-the-art customer experience.

The company assists numerous companies to optimize and improve their businesses through the use of online marketing tools and White Shark Media’s marketing tactics. The firm also dedicates itself to tracking their clients’ efforts in marketing, thus regularly audits its success. The company is accountable to all its clients on a monthly basis through their keyword-level tracking, competitive intelligence, integration of Google analytics, and software on proprietary reporting.

Some three Danish entrepreneurs founded White Shark Media with the objective of conquering the expanding SMB market in Latin America and the US through the delivery of an unprecedented service and outstanding products. The clients benefit from the firm’s already proven ideas rather than building their own.

The company boasts to have maintained their first customer till today. The company has a staff of more than 150 operators that master in Bing Ads, Google Analytics, and Display Advertising in three countries. Google recognized the company’s rapid growth in 2012 leading to their invitation to the Google’s California headquarters. Google designated a support team that leveraged the growth and client needs of White Shark Media. A close collaboration between the two companies emerged resulting in the award of White Shark Media with Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

Microsoft also acknowledged the track record of the company as well as its success in campaigning for the marketing of small businesses. The company aims to continue providing cost-effective and innovative marketing solutions. The firm also notes the need for creativity, dedication, and experience as the pillars of continued success in the digital marketing landscape. White Shark Media continues to grow using its results-oriented technique.

Jason Hope Foresees a Bright Future for the Internet of Things

Jason Hope has established himself as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist. Residing in Scottsdale, he firmly believes in the Internet of Things, which he thinks is the best development wave for the technology industry. The Internet of Things can be described as the technology which allows various daily life commodities like home appliances to synchronize with each other and become more efficient. Jason Hope is also a writer, and some of his posts have been featured on, and many believe his predictions are a valid indicator of direction future technology has taken.

As is known, almost all companies that operate on global level have, or are adapting to and applying the Internet of Things in their operations. In regards to this, Jason Hope believes that for the other companies to remain relevant, they have to adapt. In the end, Hope foresees a world in which almost all devices connect to each other.

According to Hope, as much as smart technology is a fitting choice for many customers, in the next few years, it will no longer be an option but a necessity. He also believes that in a few years to come, online association will not only be through computers and internet enabled phones, but it may involve matters like remotely switching off lights.

About Hope’s Philanthropy

Jason Hope has developed a soft spot for philanthropy work. With his constant willpower to assist individuals through the use of technology, Jason Hope has made noteworthy donations, and one of his favorite organizations to fund is the SENS Foundation. Hope contributed $500,000 in 2010 to help the foundation conduct studies on various age-related diseases.

The SENS Foundation’s primary role is to transform the way the world researches and treats aging-related diseases. In 2015, some of its researchers were able to make significant findings about diabetic inflammation and aging. The discovery now allows the experts to study the condition and find ways of slowing it down or stopping it. Jason Hope also donated more funds to the SENS Foundation in 2016 to help with future research as well as fund various startups.

Besides the SENS Foundation, he has also made contributions towards organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Family Health International, Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies, as well as the World Health Organization.

He holds a degree in finance from the Arizona State University, as well as an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Introducing the Modern Trims: Crown Mouldings

Just its name evokes a sense of elegance and stature. In a world full of trim, crown mouldings really are the cream of the crop. Starting from the ancient Greeks, this everlasting ceiling and cabinetry top addition is continuously evolving to suit our more modern tastes.

Although originally carved from stone, this enduring concept is now available in many lighter and malleable materials. For off-the-rack purchases, you’ll have your pick of plaster, wood, foam, and polyurethane. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of crown mouldings, let’s take a look at some design options available for your home.


Applying Wooden Accents


 IMG 1

Although foam and plasters are fast becoming a favourite material, wooden crown mouldings is still a great option. In this room, the addition of a darker-toned crown moulding provides additional warmth and form to create a cosy living space.

These days, the use of polyurethane as a sturdy material is comparable to wood crown mouldings. Its simple cove design can be found in most homes. Easy to purchase and easy on the eyes, this ceiling addition can even be self-installed with a little bit of know-how.


Giving it a Lick of Paint


 IMG 2


Modern crown moldings make up a common appearance in homes these days, but there’s always something you can do to give yours a simple twist. In this case, the colour of the crown moulding and the floor trim and floorboards are painted in the same colour for a smooth and cohesive finish.

Sometimes, less really is more. Although crown mouldings are usually identified by a sloped S-curve, flat variation will do the job just as well. If you’re thinking along the lines of something like this for your home, you can always try your hand at purchasing stock wood and installing it in on your own.


Sturdy Extensions


 IMG 3


This example of dentil moulding is exaggerated to create a battlement effect. Paired with red brick walls and intricate fabric patterns, it’s easy to imagine yourself transported back in time.

The traditional egg-and-dart detailing shown here is further enhanced with a layer of glaze. For that sophisticated metallic feel, you can choose to glaze all available layers for a top-heavy finish or alternate the glaze on alternate intricate layers, leaving the simple crown moulding in a neutral palette.


Leaving a Victorian Emphasis 




Classical-Revival style homes such as this are a clever mix of subtle simplicity and intricate accents. In this example, the furnishings are chosen for their sturdiness and comfort with very little ingrained patterns. Most of your attention will be drawn by the beautiful plaster ceiling and detailed crown moulding in each room.

Traditional acanthus leaves and egg-and-dart detailing were coined by ancient Greeks and Romans. Depending on your preference, a detailed crown moulding can really give a room a polished finished that requires very little enhancements.


Light It Up


 IMG 5


Crown mouldings are typically found at the ends of where the wall meets the ceiling. In the case of this slanted abbey-like ceiling, a crown cove moulding was modified to fit a series of horizontal lights. Not only does this provide a soft diffusion of warm light upwards, it also adds a nice touch to an otherwise bare ceiling.

For the contemporary or Art Deco inspired home, crown moulding presents a less curved-out effect. It can easily be done by overlapping different sizes of solid strips. What’s great about this particular design is that it can cover up more empty space than usual crown mouldings.

There are many types of crown mouldings in the market these days so you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice. Take your time getting used to the various designs in the market and remember that there’s also many types of materials for you to choose from.

Talkspace : Helping Introverts Conquer Face-To-Face Therapy

Talkspace can be the solution for introverts who have difficulty speaking face-to-face when discussing deeply personal topics. This app is uniquely designed to offer communication via texting. Often times some subjects are so painful or complex that getting them out verbally is nearly impossible, but having the option to write out the thoughts is one way to start the ball rolling.

The old saying is true, half the battle is just starting when dealing with emotional issues. Sometimes just by expressing, “ I had a bad day because … “ relieves pressure and opens the door to further discussion, which ultimately leads to varying levels of relief, but if you can’t even bring yourself to make the in person contact with a therapist, how do you start?

Talkspace is internet based and can be used on mobile devices or computers, a great option for those who don’t want long conversations typing on a small screen. The system is designed to connect licensed therapist with virtually anyone. Having access 7 day a week, 24 hours a day is also invaluable. Factoring in the cost of traditional mental health service and working around regular business hours might easily makeup for the fee of $128 per month.

Talkspace will match each individual with a therapist session by screening clients with a well thought out questionaire. The app can help the shy person begin their mental health journey. It certainly adds a new, convenient way to faster and easier services by harnessing the power of technology.