MB2 Dental Supports Autonomous Practice Ownership

Most of the time joining other dental service management companies feels like a loss of independence. Independence and autonomy is the reason you decided to set up your practice.MB2 appreciates dentists’ need to express their personality and freedom in the way they run their practice. With this organization, you get to enjoy full, unhindered clinical autonomy.What is more, you decide on the technology your office uses, the services offered, insurances approved, and the strategies you are going to implement.

You Receive Full Equity Value as a Practice Owner

You are a business person building an asset. Naturally, ownership valuation is a matter of critical importance to you. Do not let fast-talking marketers pressure you into joining joint venture models that prevent you from getting full equity value.Practice owners working with MB2 Dental Solutions receive full equity value. The provider has a proven track record of availing large-company valuation to practitioners operating alone.MB2 supports doctors in growing their careers and businesses regardless of their current situation.

Helping Patients in Jamaica

Every once in a while MB2 affiliated doctors lend a helping hand to communities having limited access to health care. In September 2017, 16 affiliated doctors traveled to Jamaica to serve individuals and families.It was not the giving that comes with strings attached — this was pure altruism. Doctors came from everywhere in the United States, different backgrounds, and Alma maters.It is their selfless desire to help as many people as they could that united them. MB2 Dental Solutions sponsored this trip that saw the doctors serve hundreds of patients.If you are thinking of establishing a practice or are an existing one looking to expand, MB2 Dental Solutions have you covered. Joining them does not lead to loss of autonomy and independence.Their Priority Dental Plan enables you to provide your patients with top quality and affordable health care. The plan also helps you improve case acceptance rate.

Tony Petrello Does More Than Give Time Off During Hurricane Harvey

Tony Petrello hasn’t always gotten the credit he deserves for helping the Houston community, and perhaps it’s because he’s a New Jersey transplant that later moved in, or it could be because he holds one of the most lucrative positions as CEO of Nabors Industries. But when hurricane Harvey came to the gulf coast this last fall, Petrello joined the forces of rescue teams and financial aid organizations. He began an online fundraiser through Nabors Industries to which he donate over $170,000 matching donations that were given to it, but he also encouraged employees to go out into the flooded areas and assist rescue teams. Everyone who did so or who cooked hot meals or directed victims to shelter was paid for their time out there.

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Tony Petrello’s childhood and college years were recapped by Lloyd Grove, a writer for The Daily Beast who was a roommate of Petrello’s at Yale University. Petrello had gotten acceptance to Yale because he was a genius in math who even during free time in high school often was known to spend that time studying math. Grove also mentioned that Petrello even studied under and was a protege of Serge Lange, one of the world’s most famous mathematicians at the time. But while he completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in advanced math, he actually decided to go into law instead of the mathematics research field. So Petrello completed his JD and then became an associate at Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in corporate law. He became a partner at the firm during his 13 years there, and it was a relationship he formed with Nabors Industries that led to his becoming Chief Operating Officer there in 1991.

Tony Petrello has been responsible for oil drilling technology developments at Nabors, and during a shareholder meeting of 2013 they elected to renegotiate his contract and pay out bonuses that made him the highest-paid CEO on a publicly traded company that year. But Petrello also became involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital because as a father he’s had to deal with an illness his young daughter Carena suffered that affected her brain and has confined her to special help. Petrello has been active in fundraisers for TCH’s neurology research institute in hopes of funding technology use that may one day discover a cure for diseases like cerebral palsy, and his contributions have totaled over $7 million.

Watch Out E-Cig Industry, O2Pur is making Nicotine Salts in Salt Lake City.

Due to the persistent and ongoing consolidation in the tobacco industry, and the close ties and relationships between all the global cigarette giants, you can buy stock in one or two companies and get exposure to the entire industry, espectially the combustible cigarette alternatives.

For example , British American Tobacco is preparing to buy Reynolds-American. A big reason is the latter’s market share in E-cigarettes. Philip Morris International still has close ties with its former parent company Altria, and they continue to market e-cig products globally together under the Marlboro brand.

Despite all this company consolidation and cooperation, there is one company poised to take a significant share from all of these large conglomerates due to their low prices and wide array of products. That company is a Utah based company called O2Pur.

American Made Quality:

Established in 2013, O2Pur is a Salt Lake City based company that manufactures many e-cigarette products such as pens, bottles and all accessories domestically in the USA. As opposed to traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco to drive the taste to the smoker, or most other e-cigs which burn a nicotine based fluid, O2Pur burns a special liquid infused with nicotine salts. Nicotine Salts have been known to taste better, act faster, and burn cleaner than traditional nicotine liquids. In addition to the Nicotine Salts, there is also a traditional 70/30 gourmet nicotine liquid blend, all at competitive industry prices.

Since you cannot burn liquid or e-cigs without a pen, the company not only sells pens, but it also sells accessories so that you can use your existing pen for the nicotine salts. All products can be purchased directly from the website, o2purstore.com. Whoever visits the website will of course have access to all of the deals and specials on their products. In addition to industry leading prices, there are also plenty of free offers and packages for purchase on the website for the consumer to choose from.

By offering low prices, website specials, and long lasting and fast acting nicotine salts, O2Pur is poised to become a new leader in the e-cigarette market.


The main aim of any business is to find a need and a way to meet that need. In 2002, in Indianapolis Indiana, AL Christy Jr, a financial expert found a need, he observed that it was getting difficult for customers to obtain financing for their personal and professional goals with the traditional banks. The traditional banks were making it very difficult by creating difficult to meet conditions to qualifying for the loans. Al Christy decided to give these customers options by creating Equities First holdings. The company is an alternative finance company that grants financing that are secured by stocks and shares. Equities made the conditions less strict, while lowering the interest rates.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially, with businesses opening in several countries, that include the United States, The United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. They continue to expand as the fame of the company grows.

Lacey and Larkin: Donald Trump is a Moron

Since Donald Trump’s become President, things have gone far beyond downhill. The country is on the brink of crashing to its death. It’s like he can’t do anything right, even when people tell him the exact thing he needs to do. Every day just keeps getting worse. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

As if the blatant support of racist is insulting enough, he actually seems to be screwing people over on purpose. It’s obvious he’s just doing what all his rich and powerful buddies want him to do so he can be one of the “cool kids”, but it’s getting to be too much.

Recently, he ruined the lives of hundreds of Latinos living in Arizona. For years, they were subjected to systematic abuse, persecution, and detention at the hands of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was charged with and convicted of criminal contempt after disobey direct orders from a federal judge after a being sued for racial profiling.

He was supposed to sentenced, but Donald Trump pardoned him just before his turn in front of another judge. Trump’s done a lot of stupid things since taking the helm, but letting this guy go was incredibly stupid, there’s no other word for it.

It may not seem like pardoning Arpaio is bad, especially considering all the other things he’s done. In fact, Joe Arpaio is one of the worst human beings to ever walk the earth. He’s almost as bad as Hitler. Arpaio probably thinks Hitler’s a good guy for trying to purge the world of impurity.

For clarity, Joe Arpaio served as Sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. All those years, he systematically tortured the Latino communities. He and his deputies repeatedly harassed, persecuted, and detained innocent people because of their race and ethnicity. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/ and https://michael-lacey.com/

Even worse, he played a pivotal role as patriarch of Arizona’s anti-Mexican fear-mongering. It’s strange to think a lawman could be that far from justified. If he wasn’t personal harassing anyone, he was ignoring his duties and letting things in non-white neighborhoods descend into madness.

The prisons he was in charge of were in just as bad of a state. He didn’t really care about the inmates, so the guards didn’t really care about the inmates. The health conditions in those buildings were terrible. If inmate weren’t dying from illness, they were killing themselves and each other. Arpaio should’ve been locked up for the rest of his life.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Jorge Moll, A Passionate and Accomplished Neuroscientist

Passion can drive an individual towards achieving their dreams. The founder of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), Jorge Moll, is passionate about people whose quality of life is negatively affected by the conditions they have. IDOR was a dream come true for the neuroscientist, who was eager to start a top-notch healthcare, research, and education center.


Contributions of Dr. Jorge Moll

As the senior researcher and head of IDOR, he spends most of his day in meetings and speaking to scientist, associates, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students. He graduated from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with a medical degree in Neuroscience. He is a University of Sao Paulo alumnus where he received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology.

The director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) chooses ideas that can be changed into a plan of action and embraces collaboration. Jorge Moll advice to business people is to be skillful, open and transparent for them to succeed. He recommends people to take and implement ideas as fast as they can and avoid holding on to plans or ideas for a long time. Entrepreneurs should constantly question their models and avoid repeating things.

The former partner at VHM Ventures recommends the book “The Exegesis” by Phillip Dick. Jorge Moll is excited about gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Moll appreciates how machines are working together, cognitive system and artificial intelligence. The doctor uses Evernote and Trello software to help him have productive days.

In 2015, Moll received the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute. Moll was an elected governor’s board member of the International Neuroethics Society between 2012 and 2013. The accomplished neuroscientist received the Research Fellow NIH Award in 2004. In 2008, Dr. Moll was an elected affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Science. He has worked as a research fellow at National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS).


Finding Oneself and Pursuing One’s Own Success With Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the most trusted and sought after financial experts in his industry. One of the reasons that he is so sought after is that he has a lot of experience and knowledge about money. He is also willing to help people find their own way. He does not believe in an approach that works for everyone. While the general idea is the same for everyone when it comes to finances, he understands that different people are going to require different methods in order to save money and improve their financial circumstances for the present and the future.


Richard Dwayne Blair offers advice on his blog so that people can gain the needed insights on what they have to do. One thing he talks about the most is planning for retirement. This is especially important for people who have careers. They have to think about what they are doing with their money so that they do not find themselves in trouble either currently or somewhere down the line. Richard Dwayne Blair encourages his clients to start right away even if they are in their early 20s. One thing that can be said about life is that the time will come before they even know it.


Richard Dwayne Blair is aware of all of the methods people can use to not only save money but make more money. As a matter of fact, one of his recommendations to people is that they do not rely completely on one way to make money. It is better to seek out other ways to make money and make sure that it increases the amount of money that is made for the individual or the household. The whole point is make sure that one is in a good financial position so that he can be comfortable.

Find out more about Richard Dwayne Blair: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

A Natural Approach to Hormone Therapy: Dr. Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Peri-menopause and Menopause are conditions every aging woman must go through and can start as early as age 35. The symptoms that go along with this aging process can be unpleasant and may even debilitate day to day life, however, there is also a greater risk to develop diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, breast cancer and uterine cancer. This is due to the decline of progesterone and Estrogen which leaves a woman in hormone Inbalance. The treatment for this is often to replace the lost hormones with synthetic ones such as Provera. The downside is that using synthetic hormones can lead to a variety of adverse side effects such as depression, bloating, breast tenderness, weight gain and a decrease in sex drive.

This is why Dr. Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone therapy is the better option. His program is specifically customized for the patient by analyzing their specific hormone levels, and figuring out how to replace those lost hormones to regain optimum balance. He also teaches that as men and women age, our bad hormones such as cortisol and insulin increase while good hormones such as Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone decrease, so essentially, he uses Bioidentical Hormone therapy to bring those back into to balance restoring a patient body to a more youthful state.

Dr. Johanan Rand has a rather impressive resume, being is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is located in NJ as well as being a Physiatrist, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation Doctor. He is also a specialist in age management medicine. Dr. Johanan Ran’s program does not just depend on the use of medicine, but also has a focus on Diet and fitness, educating patients on how to properly maintain a lifestyle to optimize energy levels as one goes through the various stages of aging (https://www.doximity.com/pub/dov-rand-md).

He also incorporates the use of natural vitamins and supplements into his program as well such as fish oil and Vitamin D which can potentially increase metabolism.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone therapy is not just for Women either. He also treats men for loss of testosterone levels as well.


How GoBuyside Can Help Your Company

One of the most important parts of any business are its employees. Businesses today that are looking to succeed will need to be able to hire and train quality employees to help grow and maintain the business. While all businesses know that it is very important to find quality employees, many struggle to find the talent they need to grow. For those that are in the investment banking or corporate finance industry, this can be even more challenging as there is a lot of competition for top talent. For those that are in need of employees in the investment banking or corporate finance industry, working with GoBuyside could be a great option. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is an international recruiting and HR service provider that has provided services to many different customers. The company has hundreds of clients that are located all over the world and range drastically in size from small boutique firms all the way up to major corporations and investment banks. For the past decade, the company has helped to hire thousands of new employees that have ranged from entry level positions all the way up to the top line of corporate executives.

When you start working with GoBuyside, the company will be able to provide you with a range of services. The first thing they will be able to do is help you to better identify your needs. Determining what you are looking for in a new employee can be a very challenging process. GoBuyside will be able to work with you to better identify the responsibilities that the new job will have, what you are looking for in a candidate, and what a reasonable compensation package is. Based on all of this information, you will be able to better determine what to provide in terms of a job description. This will make it much easier for you to find someone that fits into your needs. Visit gobuyside.com to know more.

While GoBuyside can help to provide you with a lot of hiring services, the company can also help to ensure you stay in compliance. GoBuyside specializes in knowing all of the local and global regulations that come with security, HR practices, and other factors. They will be able to guide you through all of these requirements to ensure that you are in compliance. This can help you to avoid being charged with significant fees and other penalties that can be levied by any of the regulators.

Check: https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/gobuyside–explores-factors-driving-compensation-in-private-equity-sector-20180202-00941

Chris Linkas Explains The Power of Early Investing

Chris Linkas is the head of European Credit in London, and the firm has twenty employees. Typically the European Credit Group focuses on investment opportunities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece (Discogs). Chris Linkas is now breaking down the five advantages that young investors have if they choose to start investing early.

The first and probably the most important advantage that young investors have is that they can take advantage of compound interest, also known as the time value of money. Money grows at an exponential rate, because of interest that can be earned on the interest. Young investors who choose to invest early can take advantage of this effect, which has been called the 8th wonder of the world by Albert Einstein (https://www.kirkland.com/sitecontent.cfm?contentID=226&itemid=11779).

The second advantage that investors have in their twenties is that they can take advantage of a higher risk strategy or portfolio. This is because they are further away from retirement, so they can afford to take more risk, and that will lead to higher returns over time.

The third advantage that young investors have is that they can learn by doing. The risk that the young investor can take is that they can experiment with different strategies. The failure of an investment to work out is only a learning experience for the youth, but it could be a huge mistake for an investor that plans on retiring within five years.

The fourth advantage that young investors have today is their technology. This technology can help them learn about technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technology has also lowered transnational fees so that investors can keep more of their hard earned money.

The fifth advantage that young investors have is that they can increase their earning power through education and learning.

The bottom line as mentioned by Chris, investors who start young can take advantage of compound interest to build a lot more wealth than those who start late.