Cassio Audi Opening Latin America to European Investors

The country of Brazil holds a unique place in the minds of American tourists and even those who have witnessed the glories of Copacabana Beach during the recent Olympics. Sugarloaf Mountain and the sandy beaches combine with the enchanting musical rhythms of the people of Brazil to form strong memories and lure visitors to return to this enchanted place.
While never having been considered an investment capital, that idea is now changing thanks to the efforts of Cassio Audi and his investment firm. He has recently returned from a promotional tour of Europe where he advised investors and answered questions about the financial opportunities in Latin America. This enchanting area called Latin America stretches from the American/Mexican border to the tip of South America. It includes the pyramids of Mexico to the wonders of Patagonia and offers investment opportunities for those savvy investors intelligent enough to realize the potential.
Audi is a product of Brazil having received his MBA at the University of San Paolo upon completion of his Bachelor’s education at a Catholic University.
The countries that comprise Latin American are a study in contrast. The real estate through a combination of high altitude and being close to the equator provides the most pleasant of climates and yet the residents take this comfort in stride. Most have neither heat or air conditioning in their homes and they exist comfortably in this paradise on earth. Here the Catholic faith occupies a major part of the people’s religious concerns. And yet amongst the widespread poverty, there is a high degree of crime and violence. Having someone with the expertise of Cassio Audi is essential for any investments anywhere in Latin America.
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Cosmetic Surgery Prices

There are many people today who are interested in using plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Over the long term, this is one of the most effective ways to feel better about your overall looks. The good news is that cosmetic surgery is a lot less expensive than it used to be. Not only that, but you can start to see why there are a lot of people who are excited about the new procedures. However, it is still an expensive process that you need to understand how to use before you move forward with it. Over time, you can start to see how you can make a difference in the lives of other people in this area. Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a great career in the world of plastic surgery, and she is helping doctors across the world figure out how to benefit.




There are a lot of people who want to learn how to use cosmetic surgery to their advantage. Paying for cosmetic surgery is not easy for a variety of reasons. First of all, most of the time the surgery is voluntary. This means that the person who is getting the surgery does not really need it from a health perspective. Paying out of pocket expenses for health is not an easy thing to do for a lot of people. The good news is that people like Dr. Jennifer Walden are always there to help in case you need it. Based out of Austin, she understands what life is like for common people who do not have a lot of extra money. If you want to take your investments to the next level, she is the type of person who you should go to. In the coming yeas, she wants to help more people than ever.


USHEALTH Group Continues to Grow After Many Decades

For the past five decades, USHEALTH Group has been providing the insurance needs to customers across North America. There is a very good reason that relationship has lasted as long as it has. The commitment of excellence to service continues with innovative products and award winning service.USHEALTH Group has set the standard in the last 50 years within the insurance industry. With Products, such as MedGuard, is an innovative life insurance product that specializes in critical illness. Designed to fill the gap between health insurance and traditional life insurance, USHEALTH Group protected the essentials with their product, for assuring members they have increased security in times of uncertainty, for their families.USHEALTH Group also designed Accident Protector, which is a plan that provides extra coverage to assist members to cover out of pocket expenses that are not covered under traditional plans. USHEALTH Group takes enormous pride in their innovation of products that cater to the well-being and peace of mind, for their members.

Both of these products exemplify why USHEALTH Group is able to sustain itself in such a challenging industry. Health care continues to be the principal conversation for many Americans and USHEALTH Group sees that as an opportunity.Rather than shy away from a perplexing industry, USHEALTH Group has taken major steps to position the company on the cutting-edge of providing the insurance needs to so many millions of Americans.With an expansion of innovative products, such as those mentioned, they’ve positioned the company to surpass their own expectations each year.In 2016, USHEALTH Group won the prestigious One Planet Award for recognition of the company experiencing unprecedented success, growth, and its exclusive line of insurance products. This honor was bestowed upon USHEALTH Group for their business achievements and professional excellence. It is one of the highest decorated awards in the industry and highly coveted.Find them on Facebook:

President and CEO, Troy McQuagge stated the award is a testimony for USHEALTH Group’s commitment to solving the health care needs for members, and providing them with innovative products that will grow as their health care needs and families grow.The mission of USHEALTH Group is to consistently maintain innovative products, while providing superior customer service at every level. Their continued commitment to quality distinguishes them from others within the industry and creates long-term relationships with their customers. USHEALTH Group consistently delivers on its promise of affordability and dependability.USHEALTH Group remains the most trusted insurance for the past five decades, and they will remain at that status for many more years to come. Serving more than 15 million customers world-wide has a lot of advantages for further growth opportunities, and the company has proven they know how to grow with the times.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Is Coming To The Las Vegas Area

Air conditioning and heating is an essential part of most people’s lives. It will keep you warm during the winter, and cool in the summer. It is hard to find a trustworthy company that won’t do terrible work and charge you an arm and a leg. There is a great air conditioning company that has won over customers for over 70 years and counting. They are merging with two other HVAC companies in the Las Vegas area to better serve their loyal customers.

Goettl Air Conditioning is merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air to create another branch of this award winning company. It has won Arizona’s best air conditioning and heating company in the state. People are raving about this powerful and generous company, even other HVAC companies would agree. In this merger they will gain 20 more enthusiastic employees, all which are excited about it. They believe Goettl will better serve the local community and benefit the employees. Goettl has many years experience working in extremely harsh weather conditions. New services include plumbing and they will be able to serve the commercial sector. This means strip malls and offices will benefits from this merger.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a piece of history. It all started when three brothers moved from Mansfield, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona to start start anew. It was during the Great Depression that they hatched a plan to start their own air conditioning and heating business from scratch. With a little elbow grease and hard work their started Goettl Air Conditioning.

Their family business founded in 1936 and got off to a promising start. Their innovative technology and design caught the eye of people all over the world. Today, it has expanded to many businesses all over the United States, primarily in the southwestern part.


Analytics And Conversion Tracking Made Easy With White Shark Media


Search engine marketing (SEM) through Google AdWords or Bing Ads PPC and other ads could be the biggest hurdle or the best friend of a business. Many businesses choose to avoid paid search vehicles to put their business online because of the costs and wanting to just stick to organic SEO. Organic SEO should be used too but only choosing that method could take time to get your business up in the top search results, and time isn’t usually a luxury you have when going up against tough competitors. Using PPC and SEM does cost some money, but that expense could be turned into a major source of marketing revenue especially if White Shark Media is the company managing it.


White Shark Media knows how to turn PPC ad campaigns into cash because they have the tools and the experts at their disposal to do it. Using Google Analytics and other conversion and data monitoring software they can take in-depth looks at ad campaigns and expand areas that are doing well while making improvements to areas that need them. White Shark Media has really made life easier for many clients while also meeting strict guidelines to become one of Google’s premier small business partners.


To better understand just how the analytics, conversion and call tracking will work for your ad campaigns, White Shark Media has evaluation sessions where one of their representatives will explain it to you while at the same time showing how your ad campaigns could be made better. The evaluation is completely free and you do not have to signup for White Shark Media as a result of meeting with them. They also will not change anything in your AdWords or Bing accounts unless you decide to signup with them. But many customers have often come away impressed and choose to hire White Shark Media once the evaluation is finished.


Adam Milstein Announces a 10-day Voting Period

On March 20, 2015, people across the globe started voting for videos that had featured on “Inspired by Israel” Video Contest to select ten entrants that will be displayed to a panel of judges. Over 80 people and groups entered the competition by making videos that entertain, enlighten, and inspire people concerning Israel. The winning videos are set to receive cash prizes amounting to $20,000 and Grand Prize worth $8,000. Adam and Gila Milstein collaborated with the 12Tribe Films Foundation to sponsor the contest.


The public voting will end on March 29. A team of independent professionals will be responsible for selecting the top ten prizes. The independent professionals will consist of Gila Milstein, David Suissa, the president of Tribe Media/Jewish Journal, and Michel Dickson, StandWithUs Israel’s executive director.


Adam Milstein’s statements


Speaking after announcing the 10-day voting period, Adam Milstein said that the video content was a dynamic and innovative way to educate the world about amazing places, people, and inventions of Israel. He added that voting was the best way to pick the videos that had inspired many people.


Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein, a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, sat down for an interview with Ideamensch on December 9, 2016. In the interview, the Jewish American philanthropist discussed at length about his personal life as well as his entrepreneurial journey. Adam is also a respected community leader. Adam left Israel after serving in IDF, especially in the period of Yom Kippur War. In the U.S., Adam joined the University of Southern California for his master’s degree. He is actively involved in the Jewish-American Council, an organization he co-founded. Together with his wife, Gila, Adam funds the Sifriyat Pijama B’America


How Hager Pacific Properties came to be


Adam came to America from Israel, in 1981, in pursuit of higher education. Adam explained that even after working hard to acquire an MBA in entrepreneurship, recruiters still underestimated his ability. Ironically, all the job offers he got were paying less than what undergraduate students used to make those days. These job-seeking frustrations forced Adam to take on life by himself, joining the commercial real estate industry as a broker in 1983. After three years in the industry, Adam was able to establish himself as a real estate investor. It is from there that Hager Pacific Properties was born.





Clay Siegall’s Role in The Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is one of the founders of Seattle Genetics. This organization deals with biotechnological research focused on helping cancer patients. Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. Siegall is a trained scientist who majors in cancer therapies. He earned his Ph.D. in Genetics at the George Washington University. He started his career working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He worked at the institute as a research investigator. He got promoted to the role of principal scientist before becoming a biotechnology fellow and National Cancer Institute fellow. It is from these humble beginnings that Siegall proceeded to form Seattle Genetics.

Siegall’s and Seattle Genetics

Under Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics have emerged as authorities in the research and production of antibody-drug conjugates. Siegall helped the firm acquire FDA approval for their ADC product named ADCETRIS, in 2011. ADCETRIS joined with Takeda Pharmaceutical resulting in an international product that is recognized in more than 65 countries.

Siegall has led Seattle Genetics into acquiring multiple licenses for its ADC brand. Under Siegall’s leadership, the ADC product has obtained licenses from GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Genentech, and Pfizer. Dr Siegall helped Seattle Genetics raise capital worth more than $1.2 billion through public and private financings. Siegall also played a significant role in organizing and implementing Seattle Genetics IPO in 2001.

Siegall’s Contribution to Cancer Research

Siegall’s accomplishments in cancer research form the basis of his prosperous career. He has dedicated his skills and experience in researching and implementing cutting edge technology in an effort to find a cure for cancer. Siegall’s desire to help cancer patients and alleviate their suffering has motivated him to be at the fore front in the battle for cancer treatment alternatives. Dr Siegall’s efforts in scientific and medical committees have not gone unnoticed. In 2013, he was gifted with an award by the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Math, Computer, and Natural Sciences. In 2012, he received the Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Clay Siegall is the proud owner of 15 patents and is still intent on advancing his cancer research. His publications outline his research and discoveries, and have helped the cancer research community in its quest for better cancer treatments.

The legacy that Thor Havlorssen is leaving behind

Not many people really follow up on initiatives that are for the good of the society and most especially crusading for social justice. Thor Havlorssen is one person that has always had the interests of social justice at heart. The half Norwegian and Half Mexican has been involved in causes that support and fight for human rights. He has even established the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York.

There are many factors that led to Thor becoming the activist that he is today. When he was a young boy, he witnessed his father getting beaten and arrested for protesting about corruption in the government. Another event that shaped his future was the shooting of his mother, who had been among a group of peaceful demonstrators in Caracas. When the people behind the shooting were arrested, they were sentenced to five years, of which they served only a few months. These are the events that made him realize that there were a lot of things wrong with the society and hence the decision to make change.

He started out with a few correspondents to his cause from all over the world. However, his influence has now grown to include people from all the countries and his annual event is now being dubbed the most important human rights convention of the year. There is a number of times that he has been involved in several controversies that are connected to his human rights activities. He was at one time arrested in Vietnam when reporting about inmates’ mistreatment.One of the things that he says is that he loves humanity. He also likes to say that the only thing that makes his respect people is if they are fighting the same cause. He is quite the inspiration to people in the world of human rights activism.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation and Lower Recidivism Rates

Securus Technologies has developed a technology for offsite visitation between incarcerated men and women and their loved ones. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is now in place in about 180 correctional agencies in the United States. The company hopes to expand its presence to considerably more correctional institutions throughout North America during the coming few years.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation permits family members and friends the ability to download an easy to use app to schedule and set up visitations with their incarcerated loved ones. The system permits a great deal more flexibility when it comes to inmate visitation. It also allows for family members and friends to connect through a meaningful visitation process with greater regularity than is possible through more traditional visitation structures.


At the present time, about 160,000 individual visits occur each month through Securus Technologies Video Visitation. That comes to about 2 million visits a year through the system. To date, the Securus Technologies Video Visitation app has been downloaded about 232,000 times.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is proving itself invaluable in permitting inmates to maintain healthy and regular contact with family members and friends. Research studies by criminologists reveals that those incarcerated offenders that maintain solid communication with loved ones while locked up have a better chance of success upon release. They are less likely to reoffend.


Lowering the recidivism rate is a major benefit of Video Visitation. The technology is also a highly cost effective way of cutting into the number of incarcerated offenders who end up breaking the law again.


Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per visit, per inmate. On the other hand, Securus Technologies Video Visitation costs about $2.72 per individual visit. Stating that the savings is dramatic is an understatement. These saved funds can be expended on other programming to aid in lowering the recidivism rate and in keeping institutions and communities safer.


Bob Reina Publishes his Vision for Video in MarTech Advisor

In recognizing the power of video communication, MarTech Advisor, a marketing and technology management source of unbiased news, research, and expert commentary, has published another guest article by Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. MarTech has tapped into Reina’s crucial insights regarding video advertising particularly as Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution won the Technology Marketing Corporation’s 2016 Communications Solution Product of the Year.


Talk Fusion is in the global business of video communication. Talk Fusion’s products make the use of videos highly intuitive and its end products visually clean and sharp. With drag-and-drop interfaces, professionally designed templates, video hosting technology, and customization, Talk Fusion’s products turn video into “an advertiser’s most valuable asset.”


Last year, in Reina’s previous guest article, he introduced video communication as a way to boost the customer engagement and the bottom line. This year, he evolves the concept through his vision for video as a center of marketing strategies. By its nature, video is highly preferred by consumers, provides an experiential appeal to the audience, and provides efficient messaging compared to most other advertising mediums. Taking a look at the emerging video styles and techniques from last year, Reina identifies ways to grow the medium this year. Talk Fusion crafts a video marketing solution based on a company’s consumer trends combined with analyses of its market.


MarTech Advisor is a leading source of expert views within Marketing Technology. Its readers often consist of Chief Marketing Officers who seek the most relevant trend forecasts to imbed within their marketing strategies. With Reina’s valuable contribution in the realm of video communication, MarTech Advisor readers can share in Talk Fusion’s comprehensive understanding of video’s future.