Optimize Your Business with OneLogin Cloud-Based IAM

Many manufacturers are turning to cloud-based technologies for management. Their chief concern is how to cost-effectively achieve improved security, easy identity management, and agility in their operations.

On-premises management systems may have been efficient over the last two decades, but they may not suffice the contemporary world’s challenges. For instance, a firm which interacts with thousands of stakeholders may experience untold sluggishness and adversely affect its productivity.

Another challenge is how to protect sensitive data which workers need to access remotely. Manufacturers need a way to restrict access to such information to prevent hacking activities.

With regular identity management systems, IT spends a lot of manipulating employee information. Some workers often forget their passwords reducing productivity on their side as well as the IT department as they modify the credentials.

Advantages of Cloud-Based IAM

Cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a surefire solution to these challenges. OneLogin IAM integrates some incredible services such as single sign-on, real-time Active Directory integration, and multifactor authentication. It also offers more than 5000 useful apps including Oracle, SAP, Office 365, and G Suite.

Its Single Sign-On Portal consolidates every employee’s apps for rapid and simplified access using a single password. Consequently, the firm’s productivity increases and IT saves hours of support time as workers are less likely to forget passwords.

OneLogin automates the onboarding and offboarding of users and provides IT with HR-system integration simplifying the transition of incoming and leaving employees.

Adaptive Authentication is a smart feature of OneLogin which explores specific factors on how users access their apps. It analyzes the user’s geographic location, time, login device, and network familiarity. If it detects an anomaly, it dynamically responds, demanding further authentication features.

When adopting OneLogin, one does not have to do away with their on-premises web apps. OneLogin Web Access Management (WAM) integrates with the web servers securing legacy apps while connecting to the OneLogin Cloud Directory.

About OneLogin

Thomas and Christian Pedersen founded OneLogin in San Fransico in 2009. Owing to rising security and productivity concerns, they designed an IAM solution that was secure and user-friendly. Its official launch was in 2010.

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