OneLogin works with Envoy to Implement SCIM Protocol User Provisioning

Based in San Francisco, Envoy is a company that creates software that allows office visitors to use an iPad to sign in, making uninspiring, insecure, and outdated log books a thing that no longer exists. Envoy automates lots of steps the process of visitor registration, including visitor photos and badges, host notifications, digital NDA, and visitor sign-in. Their clients comprise some of the rapidly-growing, tech-forward companies, embracing technologies that are promoting security and productivity.

For these Envoy clients, the employees’ movement across, out of, and into the company could be a nightmare for the admins of IT who will be the ones updating the access of individual user across a large number of applications to assure secure systems and smooth end-user experience. Recently, OneLogin worked with Envoy to implement the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol user provisioning, which is also known as the automated use off or on boarding. That feature is available to enterprise customers and Envoy Premium and could be configured by adding the user provisioning to the Envoy connector in the application catalog of OneLogin.

SCIM is aiming to simplify the user provisioning plus management. It enabled applications to let clients accelerate application adoption and rollout by syncing attributes of the user into the application that’s desired. In the case of Envoy, SCIM allows clients to provision fields automatically, such as office location, emails, last names, employee’s first names, and more directly into Envoy from their OneLogin directory. That constant synchronization upgrades ongoing user management through updating user profiles automatically as changes happen.

OneLogin was established in 2009 by Christian and Thomas Pedersen. They were involved Zendesk’s success, which is the best application for on-demand help desk. Through their interactions with the customers of Zendesk, the founders discovered that companies encountered productivity and security moving to the cloud. That’s where the idea of building an identity and access management (IAM) solution that was easy to use and secure. In the year 2010, OneLogin officially launched receiving backing from CRV. From that time, OneLogin has managed to partner with leading software as a service (SaaS) vendors, garnering security conscious organizations trust globally.

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