Obama Remembers Beau

The Obama and Biden families have forged an incredibly unique friendship in the last 7 years of the Obama/Biden administration. Obama’s daughter Sasha and Joe Biden’s granddaughter Maisy are very close friend and graduated from the same school; just two days before the passing of Joe’s son Beau Biden. Just 48 hours after, the families found themselves coming together for a much more sobering experience, to mourn the loss of Joe’s son. One of Obama’s White House advisors remembered how distracted Obama was when Beau Biden suffered a stroke back in 2010. “I’m not sure how Joe’s gonna deal with this.” were the words that the President uttered to his staff. Even when Biden returned to the office to serve as Vice President, Obama ran out of his office to welcome his good friend back. Unfortunately, the duo had to deal with the loss of Beau together, just the way they had to do everything else together. Joe Biden asked the President to personally deliver a eulogy for his son.


While the Biden family is often closed off when it comes to their private lives, Joe thought that the president was a perfect candidate to give a voice to the intense grief that the family was feeling. It was clear and the president’s eulogy just how much the Biden family meant to him. Adam Sender could definitely tell.

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  • President Obama gave a contacting and strongly moving tribute that will guarantee that Beau lives on not simply in the hearts of his youngsters and family, yet in those who knew and adored him. It is a cool way for instaassignmenthelp.com.au review and that is the thing in which some people do not know too.

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