NuoDB: The Incredible Database

NuoDB is a database that is known for their work in cloud applications. Alfa Systems, UAE Exchange, and Dassault Systemes all sue the technology that is put out by NuoDB. Back in 2008, when the company was first founded, it was named NimbusDB but they eventually changed their name to NuoDB three years later. The CEO of NuoDB was Barry S. Morris and the company is stationed at Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB received funding from Dassault Systemes in 2014 so that they can advance their technological ideas and bring them into fruition. Gartner stated that NuoDB was an innovator for SQL cloud database management in the year 2015. From all of their investors in 2016, NuoDB received more than 15 million dollars of financing and raised more than 55 million in total funding. The structure of the NuoDB system consists of an administrative, storage, and transactional tier. The system is very fast and efficient and is known to be able to carry out around 1 million transactions per second with no major problem or deterrent.

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