NuoDB SQL database the best on the market

NuoDB is an industry leader when it comes to helping companies provide cloud based applications. Many of NuoDB clients are turning their on-premises applications and converting them into SaaS solutions. Cloud based applications have many things in common including: customers expect the application to be operational anytime they want, increase in user growth, profit model based around subscriptions instead of licenses. NuoDB delivers these needs through their top-tier NuoDB SQL database. The NuoDB SQL database upgrades make it simple to scale databases across multiple zones, eliminating downtime due to freak outages and failures. The latest NuoDB SQL database offers new table partitioning possibilities.

NuoDB’s NuoDB SQL database makes it easy for those using Microsoft SQL Servers to transfer their applications from a current database to NuoDB. NuoDB SQL database’s key benefit is it does not require sharding. Some customers who use NuoDB’s SQL database can install it in less than 90 seconds. NuoDB SQL database also is popular for its Amazon Web Services functionality. The NuoDB 2.6 allows customers to write to more than just a single AWS Availability Zone simultaneously. NuoDB main selling point is that it does need require additional software to operate. NuoDB is continually updating their product.

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