NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns Mobilize Voters

NGP VAN, founded in 1997 as the Voter Activation Network, is a company that provides a suite of tools to progressives running for office at all levels of government that help them succeed in their political aims. It also offers its tools to nonprofits and labor unions. It has previously been successful in the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns, with Barack Obama using NGP VAN tools to power his candidacy. In fact, the Obama campaign mobile app, Pollwatcher, which was powered by NGP VAN, managed to outshine Mitt Romney’s ORCA campaign tools, providing a technological advantage, which is ever more important in this day and age.

In the 21st century, digital technology is necessary for ensuring the mobilization of voters, especially Democratic ones. Obama’s 2008 campaign involved a web platform for organizing meetups and canvassing, along with reaching out to voters using social media. Since then, more social media has become popular, such as Snapchat, and the digital landscape has changed. In 2008, Twitter had been around for only two years, and nowadays, Trump uses Twitter as his main social media. Tools produced by NGP VAN integrate with these new and more developed social media sites, as well as other websites that are explicitly designed for aiding candidates in their political campaigns. NGP VAN helps candidates harness big data and web analytics in order to optimize their campaign. Web databases need to be constantly improving to handle the ever-increasing amounts of digital data that come so that candidates can reach out to their voters via not only phone calls but also texting and emails and remind them to vote or get the word out about the individual campaign.

NGP VAN has also been linking with recent startups in order to help the candidates take advantage of every useful tool that is offered, such as Hustle, a P2P messaging service that was founded by Barack Obama’s campaign team, and SpeakEasy Political, a mail platform that became an integration of NGP VAN in 2016. As software such as NGP VAN expands, it could certainly help turn the House of Representatives blue this year.

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