Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur has had a very diverse career in business. His career consists of working in the banking sector, investing in startup companies and also entrepreneurship. When he began his career, he worked in the banking sector. This would last two decades before moving on to a career as an investor. When he was involved in investing, Mike would acquire ownership stakes in a number of startup companies. Baur would eventually start up his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory. As of today, he is the co founder of the company and runs it on a regular basis. During his career, Mike has spent many years working with various entrepreneurs and startup companies. As a result, he has been in position to help a number of emerging companies find ways to reach their many goals.


The first phase of Mike’s career was in the banking industry. While working at various banks, he would often help businesses with their financial matters. This would usually include getting loans in order to finance either a startup or an expansion. Baur would regularly meet with these businesses in an effort to help them achieve a number of objectives such as getting new facilities, more inventory and also acquiring more equipment. As well as providing loans, Mike would evaluate a business and its potential for success. This was part of the evaluation process of providing loans for businesses. After two decades in this field, Mike would move on to become an investor.


Baur would spend the next ten years investing in various startup companies. During this time, he would evaluate new and emerging companies and then invest his funds into them. When Mike was investing in startup companies, he would get great results at he would receive good returns on a regular basis. This experience also allowed him to realize the full potential of many startup businesses. As a startup investor, Mike looked to eventually start up his own company known as Swiss Startup Factory.


After investing in startup companies, Mike co founded the company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This company would be developed in an effort to help a number of entrepreneurs get the guidance they need. The company helps businesses by providing mentorship and coaching on a regular basis. This assistance often includes advice on finances, product development, marketing and management. Whenever an entrepreneur his looking to receive the services of Swiss Startup Factory, it holds an event where the businesses can present their idea for a business. Once the presentation is over, the businesses will then get the assistance they need.


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