MB2 Dental Solutions was founded in 2009 by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva with an aim of integrating the sole-practitioners and corporate dentistry to provide the best dental management services. Dr. Chris wanted to bring out something new in the dentistry field that does not only focus on accruing profits. It is, therefore, a dentist owned firm focused more on autonomy and working together to enhance individual growth while at the same time having fun doing what dentists do best. When Dr. Chris graduated from Dental School, he only had the option of joining a large group practice or starting up a private clinic. However, he thought of coming up with a model that would integrate both of the two options to offer the best to patients and that saw the birth of MB2. The organization thus brings together affiliated dentists and practice owners. Since its inception, MB2 has seen commendable growth with over 70 affiliated dental offices in six states. They offer services such as guidance, knowledge and personalized systems to independent dental offices in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alaska, and Oklahoma. They provide a forum for dentists to offer their services to their level best by providing quality dental care services to their patients. Dentists are also able to improve their skills which are for the benefit of their patients.
They highly regard their patients and believe in utmost care and satisfaction for their patients. They are committed to treating their patients with ethics and professionalism, bettering their skills and also working together to achieve excellence in service.MB2 Dental has 533 employees and with their excellent leadership is striving to expand and reach out to more people. It is founded on the principle that dentists working together can help each other grow more than working individually. They, however, do not just look for any doctor to be part of their team. They are specific about getting a doctor with an entrepreneurial mindset that conforms to their autonomous model.
Every year, MB2 meet with dental students willing to learn about their operations and nurture them. They teach the students about the opportunities available for them after school and establish a relationship with future doctors irrespective of whether these students will ever work for them in future. The students get to know the available career options in dentistry while still in school.

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