MB2 Dental Supports Autonomous Practice Ownership

Most of the time joining other dental service management companies feels like a loss of independence. Independence and autonomy is the reason you decided to set up your practice.MB2 appreciates dentists’ need to express their personality and freedom in the way they run their practice. With this organization, you get to enjoy full, unhindered clinical autonomy.What is more, you decide on the technology your office uses, the services offered, insurances approved, and the strategies you are going to implement.

You Receive Full Equity Value as a Practice Owner

You are a business person building an asset. Naturally, ownership valuation is a matter of critical importance to you. Do not let fast-talking marketers pressure you into joining joint venture models that prevent you from getting full equity value.Practice owners working with MB2 Dental Solutions receive full equity value. The provider has a proven track record of availing large-company valuation to practitioners operating alone.MB2 supports doctors in growing their careers and businesses regardless of their current situation.

Helping Patients in Jamaica

Every once in a while MB2 affiliated doctors lend a helping hand to communities having limited access to health care. In September 2017, 16 affiliated doctors traveled to Jamaica to serve individuals and families.It was not the giving that comes with strings attached — this was pure altruism. Doctors came from everywhere in the United States, different backgrounds, and Alma maters.It is their selfless desire to help as many people as they could that united them. MB2 Dental Solutions sponsored this trip that saw the doctors serve hundreds of patients.If you are thinking of establishing a practice or are an existing one looking to expand, MB2 Dental Solutions have you covered. Joining them does not lead to loss of autonomy and independence.Their Priority Dental Plan enables you to provide your patients with top quality and affordable health care. The plan also helps you improve case acceptance rate.

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