Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Transformed the Banking World

Organizational leadership is dependent on the approach that the management takes. Every management team works hard to achieve the goals of the company and every employee. For an employee of a company to be empowered, the corporate strategy has to be in line with their work ethic. For an organization to achieve their goals, every component of leadership has to be in line with the company’s structure. Luiz Carlos Trabuco illustrates that organizational leadership is affected by the leadership structure. Read more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working at Banco Bradesco as a clerical officer, he never thought that he would be at the helm of the organization one day. He dedicated his time and skills the best way he knew how. His efforts and hard work did not go unnoticed, and the board of directors saw it fit for him to serve as the chairman of the board of directors. He got the privilege to serve under the former president of the bank, Brandao de Mello.


While serving under Brandao, Luiz ensured that he gathered immense managerial skills since he would find them useful in future. Brandao was a good mentor and role model to Luiz. He taught him how to craft and use the most effective policies and strategies for the growth of the bank. He was lucky to have learned from such a great mentor, as he prepared to take over the CEO position. This was to happen when Brandao resigns after serving the bank for more than 30 years. In 2017, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over Brandao, and he served for five months as the president of the bank.

After serving for five months, Luiz Carlos Trabuco and the board of directors deliberated on who would be the best person to serve as the president. They decided that Octavio de Lazari would be best suited to take over the presidency position. The qualities that impressed the board of directors included his strengths, as well as, his substantial input and contributions to the growth of the bank. Also, he was a critical pillar in the major undertakings that the bank participated in or had. Banco Bradesco will continue to grow under the leadership of these leaders. Visit to know more about Luis Carlos Trabuco.

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