Knowing The Value Of Antiques Can Pay Off Big Time

An original Apple computer that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his garage has been valued at more than $600,000. The steep price of this computer comes from the fact that this computer called the Apple-1 Personal Computer is the predecessor of all Apple products and computers. “This computer is responsible for helping to usher in the digital age and revolution” states Andrew McVinish of auction firm Christie’s. The director of decorative arts at Christie’s elaborated on the value and appeal of the rare Apple-1 Personal Computer by stating that only a few hundred such computers were produced by Steve Jobs and his colleagues at the time. Only about 50 such computers are believed to still be existing.

The latest Apple-1 Personal Computer coming up for sale had been found by Robert Luther in an unexpected twist. Robert Luther bought a storage locker during a police auction of an abandoned lot. The locker contained a vintage Apple computer, that Robert Luther had no idea could be worth over half a million dollars. The purchaser eventually did some research and realized that he had a piece of history on his hand.

As the story of Robert Luther shows knowing the details of an old item could possibly land you a fortune. Seeking the advice of an expert in antiques such as Michael Zomber can help you determine if you have a piece of history, a rare item or disappointingly something not very valuable. Mr. Zomber’s area of expertise is ancient weapons and armor. Michael Zomber has been collecting and appraising rare and old weapons and suits of armor for over forty years.

Mr. Zomber has been featured on the history channel where he offers his expertise and knowledge of primitive guns in documentaries such as Guns Of The Orient and Million Dollar Guns. He is known to be a leading expert around the world on the history of Samurai swords made in Japan. An expert in the tools used in warfare, Michael Zomber is a staunch advocate for peace. He supports organizations such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International that promote peace and that aid those in need.



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