Kim Dao and Sunny Visit the Sky Dome in Korea

Kim Dao joined Sunnydahye and other friends for lunch before going to the Sky Dome. Kim Dao had some chopped beef, spaghetti cut cucumber, green onion, and colorful peppers cooked at the table. Someone had rice topped with melted cheese. The friends fell asleep on the bus on the way to the Sky Dome where the festival was held. Kim Dao and friends only had three hours of sleep the night before because they were out late. Learn more:


The friends gathered in a dressing room to get dressed in Japanese style blouses and long skirts. After the young women had their hair done up in braids clipped up, and makeup applied, the group mingled in the arena. Learn more:


After the festival, Kim Dao and vloggers had their dinner at a hotel. The hotel had an outside event with a barbeque. A staff member barbequed steaks, shish kabobs, and vegetables, including spinach. Kim Dao said that they were going to an international food festival, but it was cancelled. Dao had brought jars of Vegemite with her for friends to sample. There was a second girl from Australia,a and she brought Tim Tam Cookies, limited edition chocolate mint flavored for people to try. Both Dao and the other Australian brought vegemite. We were informed that vegemite also comes in a travel size. The group came from the Asian continent, Norway, England, and other places. The second Australian woman brought some saltine crackers for people to spread the Vegemite on. Vegemite got mixed hand signals. Learn more:


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