Kamil Idris is the Empowering Force and Voice Informing People of their Creativity Rights

Intellectual property protection may go unnoticed by the regular man or woman, but its importance can never diminish. Kamil Idris is one of the few men willing to speak on the subject and protecting people from lawsuits as well as bankruptcy resulting from breaking laws on intellectual property. When you create or invent something, then it is your safety net or else, your creation is subject to theft, leaving you nothing to fall back on. Protection of intellectual property ensures that a company or business remains unique, helps make more money when the intellectual property rights are sold or licensed and secures loan applications as well as allows companies in branding. A company with compromised intellectual property is as good as dead.


The Laws Protecting Intellectual Property


Kamil Idris knows the importance of this kind of property all too well and wishes that people were better informed on the laws that protect their businesses intellectually wise. All governments seek to protect individuals and companies against graft to their trademarks, copyrights, and patents through the enacting of laws. It is the high time people realized that their ideas are fundamental, worth billions and can be protected from use by competitors even when they are yet to be actualized. The European Union is an example of how far countries are willing to go to protect their own, through a Directive on the Trade Secrets protection and patent oversights.


World Intellectual Property Organization is at the forefront of helping people like Kamil to enlighten the public by hosting days to touch on the controversial issues of creativity rights. Without this kind of protection, individual and smaller companies may have been on the receiving end especially because sometimes they lack the capital to bring their ideas to life. Intellectual laws ensure that such is not the case.


About Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris is an author passionate about the intellectual property topic. He headed World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) till 2008, but his love for law enforcement that protects creativity is yet to die. Kamil is also a peacekeeper and is renowned for inviting warring parties to the table for talks, all for international peace. Currently, Kamil authors a blog that is informative on creativity rights. He serves in the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

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