Jordan Lindsey and JCL Capital Are Here To Stay

Jordan Lindsey is a man of many trades; He is a founder, an investor, an innovator as well as a loving husband and the father of three beautiful daughters. Life for Jordan Lindsey began in the state of New York. Throughout much of the adolescence of Lindsey, he greatly enjoyed participating in sports such as ice hockey and tennis. Driven by competition since a youth, another activity that has always been a passion for him is entrepreneurship and the ability to create something that could potentially revolutionize the world.

In 2005, Jordan Lindsey started his first company, which is called JCL Capital based out of San Francisco. Following a brief vacation to the California city, Jordan Lindsey instantly felt like it facilitates much of his innovative qualities; that is when Jordan Lindsey decided to uproot his life and transport it to San Francisco and start JCL Capital. Now with his creation of bitcoin growth bots, Jordan Lindsey is one of the foremost leaders in foreign exchange or forex trading.

Since its founding, JCL Capital has been a business that is able to keep its finger on the pulse of the most relevant trends involving bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A current forex trend occurring now is the upward move between the euro dollar and the United States dollar toward a fifty percent Fibonacci retracement level of 1.1065. Fibonacci retracement levels are used by forex traders to locate where to place orders for market entry, for taking profits and for stop-loss orders. This current upward Forex trend is very beneficial for investors worldwide because they become able to take full advantage of compound interest and can earn a lot of money over the long-term bull market in foreign exchange trading. Jordan Lindsey and his company JCL Capital are some of the most fervent advocates for the slow and steady approach to forex trading.

Other than forex, ICO is also recently gaining notoriety, which stands for initial coin offering. JCL Capital is aware of the increased reliability of ICO. As opposed to forex trading, ICO is a onetime investment and does not require constant monitoring and action. The overall goal of Jordan Lindsey for JCL Capital is to generate and help people learn to generate consistent profit over a course of time with minimal risks.

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