Jed McCaleb Set Sights Toward the Future of Money

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and leader of technical development for a rising open-source protocol established in 2014 called Stellar Development Foundation. Jed McCaleb is known as one of the early pioneers of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. With his knowledge of blockchain technology, Jed McCaleb is a man that constantly contemplates innovative ideas to aid the progression of society, primarily by reconstructing the currently divisive financial infrastructure. The intention of Jed McCaleb with Stellar is to initiate decentralized systems that can that democratize economic participation across the world; he recently expounded on the concept of this type of system with CNBC. Jed McCaleb described Stellar to CNBC as a Blockchain powered international payment setup that uses a digital token. He also expressed that he vividly envisions a future with an effective universal payments network. Jed McCaleb believes it is a realistic possibility that payments with fiat currencies can also be made through Blockchain with the creation of a hybrid system. In as little as ten year time, entrepreneur McCaleb surmises that the blockchain technology at Stellar will also be able to use a universal payments network that even taps into more traditional financial assets such as stocks and shares.

There is a token at Stellar that has been on an upward trajectory called the Stellar Lumens, or XLM, that not long ago dropped to $0.2512. Jed McCaleb and Stellar recently teamed up with Lightning Network. One advantage of this Lightning-Stellar crossover that Jed McCaleb mentioned is the convenience it brings toward making payments across blockchains. In addition, this collaboration has helped Stellar to limit potential shortcomings with media attention. According to Jed, he is also aware of the phenomenon with ICO or initial coin offerings. In ICO, Jed McCaleb notices entire markets that are not tapped right now by the financial system. According to the financial research firm, Autonomous Next, initial coin offerings have raised the equivalent of nearly nine billion dollars in a staggering four years time. Overall, Jed McCaleb has allowed many others to realize token sales has the potential represent the future of fundraising. Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

Co-Founder and CTO at Stellar:

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