Jason Hope, the Future of Arizona

Jason Hope PhilanthropyJason Hope has a passion for helping people, and he definitely wants to improve the world with his giving and with his work as an internet entrepreneur. He has promoted various causes through the years, including the SENS Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on finding cures for diseases that affect us as we age.

Hope feels that the connection with SENS is an important one, for they are working to make prevention a lifestyle choice for many. Suddenly, it’s not just about making sure we can cure things once they get started; it’s about prevention, and Jason Hope (@jasonhope) likes that the SENS Foundation focuses on Alzheimer’s, and also on heart and lung disease.

He has pledged to give $500,000 to SENS, and if you are looking for a good place to invest your money in a charity, they could really use your help. They use regenerative medicine to try to find their cures, and Jason Hope’s interest in medicine clearly marks him as a futurist.

Hope has studied many different things in school, and he has degrees in finance and an MBA from local universities in Arizona. He is an Arizona native, and he loves being part of the communities that he finds himself in. Jason Hope enjoys giving to the community, and he also really loves giving back to the community, including giving to such organizations as the Boys and Girls Club, which helps young people.

Hope’s motivation is to give people better lives, and his philanthropy clearly shows this. He wants to make sure that people know that they can prevent diseases before they happen, and he is devoted to giving to causes that make this a priority in their work, causes like SENS. Again, if you want a place to invest your philanthropic dollars, SENS is clearly a good place to do so.

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