Jason Hope in Writing and Philanthropy

Tech commentator and philanthropist Jason Hope is based in Scottsdale where he provided counseling on occasion and contributed to a tech website with his articles on latest tech advancements and gadgets coming out on the market.

One of the main topics of discussion for Jason Hope s the Internet of Things as it is the topic that he has written about the most. Discussing both the pros and cons of the concept, Jasop Hope is a huge proponent of the Internet of Things and strongly believe t can revolutionize life in numerous aspects. Those range from a more streamlined corporate environment to a more productive time in the classroom. The Internet of Things can also help urban areas as well as rural areas. The home can also be improved through this concept.

The Internet of Things is the term for devices being synched and connected and being able to exchange information.It is a vast network that can be used in varied aspects of lives and scenarios to achieve higher levels of productivity, communication, and so on. It is achieved through Bluetooth and is used in some parts of the world but on a small scale.

Jason Hope is also involved in philanthropy. He is a supporter of several nonprofit organizations such as the SENS Research Foundation working on anti-aging research. The effects of aging are treated predominantly through topical skin care, changes in diet in lifestyles such as regular exercise and a healthier diet, antioxidant foods and drinks, and cosmetic surgery. Most of these treatments are preventative and they do not guarantee youthfulness and full health unaffected by the years that go by.

Anti-aging research is still in its early stages but the topic is widely discussed, and the accumulative research efforts are growing. Jason Hope donates to the SENS Research Foundation in order to help them progress with their studies and research. The SENS Research Foundation directed his first donation of half a million dollars to the establishment of a new research lab called SENS Cambridge in 2010. Since then, Jason Hope has donated at least another million dollars to the non-profit organization.

The SENS Research Foundation was started up in March 2009. Their operations are dedicated to both learning how to combat aging and find solutions to it, but the organization also promotes a different perception of aging to prompt more people to join in on the efforts through donation, working in the field, and more.

Read More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

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