Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten Teaches Why Swiss Segregated Accounts Are Superior

Certain banking ethical guidelines have not really changed so much over the years. One of these is the importance of “segregated banking accounts.” Investment banker Martin Lustgarten explains why the Swiss practice of segregated accounts remains the superior standard.

“What Are Segregated Banking Accounts?”

When you open up a bank account, your funds are added to the bank’s overall liabilities. These financial institutions are required to repay your balance when you want to withdraw your funds. You should make sure your account is segregated.

The “segregated banking account” means that your “money is not pooled in with the money of others.” It should be obvious, but some lesser financial institutions are acting like your “banking account” is an investment, like a stock or bond.

By having a “segregated banking account,” you remain a customer of the bank and owner of said account. You have clear control and ownership over your funds. You are not “investing” in the bank, but simply enjoying its storage features.

“Banking Accounts Are Not Equity”

In Cyprus, Greece and Italy, problem banks have not been offering the same segregated accounts. These other banks confiscated the funds of their clients. With Swiss segregated accounts, this cannot happen.The wealthy trust Swiss banks because their money will be segregated, private and well-protected. The reputation of a bank depends on it providing superior services to its clients. “Segregated accounts” should be offered by all serious banks.

“Swiss Are Epitome of Banking Excellence

With a background in Switzerland, investment banker Martin Lustgarten understands the right way of doing things. He has maintained and followed the highest standards for the financial industry. He appreciates the finer things in life, as you might do also.A good reputation will take a long time to build up. Banking is built on trust. The Swiss have established themselves as the “Kings of Banking” due to their high standards. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten shares these high standards.


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