I Was Able To Heal My Heart By Dating On Skout

I remember the day that I got married, it was the best day of my life. My marriage steadily went downhill the day after I got married, and it’s because I came to find out what my husband had done the day of our wedding. I didn’t find out until it was too late, but my husband had been having an affair with my best friend up until the day we got married. The affair didn’t stop after we got married; he just found a better way to hide it. It took me about two years into the marriage to find out what my friend and husband were doing behind my back.

Not only did I leave my husband and take half of everything he owned, but I got rid of my so-called friend, and I haven’t talked to either one of them since. I believe in loyalty, and neither one of them were loyal to me, so I dumped them like the garbage they are. Needless to say, this whole experience turned me off, and I had no plans on dating at all. My mother’s the type of woman who likes to butt into other people’s business, especially when it’s her kids.

My mother chose to sign me up for a dating site without my knowledge. I went over to my mother’s house one day, and she was showing me the Skout network, and I asked her why she was on a dating site. She told me that she wasn’t looking for a date, but I was. I was surprised, and when I looked through the profile, I saw a picture of myself and my name. I was furious because I wasn’t ready to start dating again, even though I left my husband over a year ago. My mother wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I decided that I didn’t want to make my mother angry, so I chose to sit down and look through the Skout network to see what I could find. I accessed Skout on her computer, but it was a bit painful on my back to sit there for so many hours, especially since I really got into chatting with other people. I was so grateful when I found out that Skout had an application, and I wasted no time downloading the application for use on my smartphone. I was able to go on Skout every day and talk to different guys.

I was able to find some great guys on Skout, and I honestly see the potential of myself going out on a real-life date with one of the guys I’ve met on the network. One guy, in particular, was really urging me to meet with him, and I was terrified. I asked him if it was ok if I brought along a friend if we went out, he said he had no problem with that. He said he would even bring someone for my friend to go out with too. We just ended up going out on a double date, and I loved it.

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