How to Edit Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia attracts millions of readers to the site daily. Wikipedia is a site filled with information on a wide variety of topics. Perhaps, you are interested in composing articles or editing articles on the site. The fact is that Wikipedia thrives on visitors support, reading, writing, and editing articles. However, it is important to read the guidelines and policies before composing the first articles or making edits. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Before editing, take a look at the top of the Wikipedia publishers are complete page. The visitor is allowed to edit some pages. Other pages are protected. It is fairly easy to identify pages that are not editable. Those pages contain a lock icon at the top, right hand corner. However, if you are still interested in editing the information, contact an editor with your idea.

Tone And Style
Take a look at several articles on the Wikipedia site. Notice the tone and format. The writing is not chatty or like the writing found on a blog. The writing is formal and very straight-forward. Personal opinions are not encouraged. Keep your writing neutral and backed with plenty of relevant resources with verifiable information. Find relevant resources at a local library, newspapers, books, or notable magazines.

Select Edit Screens
Wikipedia provides writers with two types of editing screens. The two screens include the Classic Editing and the new Visual Editing. New writers are encouraged to select the Visual Editor. The Visual Editor is much easier to use than the Classical Editing screen. The Visual Editor is a What You See Is What You Get editing screen.

Major/Minor Edits
Two types of edits are usually the topic of subjects about Wikipedia writing. These include major and minor edits. For example, a minor edit might include fixing a minor spelling error. Major edits might include fixing an entire section in the articles. Most major edits are reviewed by site editors.

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