How NGP VAN Has Helped Progressive Candidates Manage Their Political Campaigns

Yash Mori has made a name for himself in progressive politics. He is a video producer and digital organizer who has worked for a number of campaigns and movements among them being the Latino Victory Fund, Hillary for America,, and United We Dream. He recently paid a visit to California where he was scheduled to resist efforts to separate the families of people caught going across the border with Mexico which was put in place by the Trump Administration.

He says that he spent his youth in North Carolina and became active in politics when one of his closest friends received an order stating he was to be deported from the United States. At the time they were both in high school and he didn’t know what being deported even meant. He was totally unfamiliar with what undocumented people were dealing with. Once he got up to speed on this issue he became very active in his friend’s case. He was happy that his friend won his case and was able to stay put in the United States.

Following these events he became a community organizer. Yash Mori says that he was regularly one of the youngest people at events and everyone assumed he was great with social media and everything digital. He ended up taking advantage of this by getting into digital organizing which he has been doing ever since.

NGP VAN, Inc., is an organization that he has worked with a number of times over the year. NGP VAN helps progressive candidates manage their political campaigns. They provide technology that is used to do things such as raise funds, organize, maintain social media strategies, do targeted emails, manage contacts, and other things that go into managing a campaign.

NGP VAN was founded in 2001. It was founded by Mark Sullivan and its chief executive officer is Stuart Trevelyan. Other top executives include Jim St. George who is the managing partner, Michelle Stephenson who is the chief revenue officer, and John Lee who is the chief technology officer. NGP VAN has provided their services to many political campaigns including those of Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. They have also helped many Democratic Congressman and Senators as well as those running on the state and local level.

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