How Michel Terpin has helped Inspire Aspiring Rally Drivers in Brazil.

When it comes to Brazilian rally racing, Michel Terpin has dominated the field. Born in 1979, Michel has made a name for himself in motorsports, courtesy of his elder brother, Rodrigo, who also represents the sports-loving family in rallying. He has forged himself a niche full of resilience, determination and dedication that a driver requires, since making his debut during 2002 Sertoes Rally Championship.

Notably, Michel Terpin quit the competitive sport severally during his earlier life as an aspiring driver. However, he was convinced to join T1 category after numerous attempts by his brother who promised to nurture him grow his love for car racing. He has now won several races including the Prototypes T1 Contest where he was awarded as the best driver ranking 4th in overall and setting the best time for two main stages.

Currently, Michel Terpin drives a T-Rex designed car with a V8 engine with the label #326. V8 engine adds more power to the car making it perfect to navigate through different rough terrains. In order to utilize technology and maintain an active presence, Michel runs a Facebook account where he shares about his success, cars and upcoming events.

Together with his brother, they formed Bull Sertoes Rally Team with an aim of growing the sport in Brazil and help other aspiring drivers reach their limits. The team is funded by prominent individuals and several organizations including Eventos and Bull Sertoes, for their outstanding performances. With necessary resources at their disposal, the team has become a formidable force with an average of 10 finishes and 3 wins out of 7 stages. Having scooped several accolades, the team won the entire leg of Rally dos Sections in 2014.

Michel Terpin has had a successful motorsports career having won almost every race he has taken part in. Even at 40 years, he shows no signs of slowing down. His passion and hard-work qualifies him as a role model and an inspiration to aspiring rally drivers all over Brazil.

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