How George Soros Contributes to Humanity

George Soros has been the subject of various political discussions across the world. His name is very familiar with most local dailies and blog pages in the political space. So, who exactly is George Soros?

George Soros is a billionaire born in Hungary but currently domiciled in the United States. His liberal view towards the rights of electorates has placed him on the global radar. He has contributed to some events and occasions that support and uphold the fundamental human rights.

George has been funding his activities across the globe through the Open Society Organization. As a philanthropic figure, he rose to public limelight when he attempted to dislodge President George W. Bush from office. In this activity, he spent over $25 billion in the attempt; he didn’t succeed though. Recently, he spent over $25 billion to boost Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s bid to the Whitehouse. He has since been funding other democratic allied causes.

But why support Mrs. Hillary Clinton? Well, the reasons for throwing his weight behind the Democrats presidential candidate is similar to the failed attempt to dislodge President Bush from power.

In 2004, George was unhappy with the policies that President Bush advocated for, and these included the human atrocities conducted during the war on Iraq. During his life, George was angered by the callous attitude that Republicans have towards the issues that he has fought for a long time. The entry of Donald Trump his business rival only served to make things worse.

George Soros could not resonate with the policies of Donald Trump on women rights, political reforms, criminal justice reforms as well as immigration reforms. Soros has been against the fight against drugs that seeks to balkanize, institutionalize, criminalize and operationalize members of a particular skin color. The decision to support the Democrat’s bid came as the boost to the presidential candidate, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. The reason is that George is in a position to catalyze resources money due to his vast connections.

Apart from his engagements in politics, George Soros is known for his philanthropic activities. For the past three decades, George has been able to disburse over $18 billion to various nonprofit organizations in the world.

The aim of these donation being to improve access to primary healthcare, education and shaping the democratic processes in those recipient nations. To achieve his objectives, George forges a political machine that is sponsored by his foundation, the Open Society Organization.

The groups so sponsored are very powerful, they can impact any nation’s policies, including America. It is through this understanding that Ferguson protests were spurred. The Washington Times reports that George used slightly over $33 million in a year to fund these activities. and more information click here

By throwing his support for the Washington protesters, a combustible movement was created transforming the criminal activity to a 24-hour-a-day cause event. The rationale behind these protests was that Michael Brown a teenager from Washington was shot at with his hands in the air. and follow him

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