Helane Morrison’s Legacy

Even the most successful people have extremely humble backgrounds. Helane started out as an ambitious Journalism student at the Northwestern University. She always portrayed maturity and possessed an ambition to succeed in life. Even after graduation, she felt she needed to more legal skills which saw her enroll at the University of California-Berkeley School. Helane’s passion for Journalism served her well as the Editor of the California Law Review.

Helane did not just become the powerful career woman she is today; she had to steadily and consistently crawl her way up the ladder. Initially, she became a legal secretary and aid to some of the senior 7th circuit judges in San Francisco. She was building her confidence and experience and this time. Eventually, her big break came through in 1999 when Ms. Morrison joined the Securities and Exchange Commission as an administrator in San Francisco.

In her new role, her job involved investigating financial malpractice among private equity, securities trading, and investment bankers. Helane cracked the whip on rogue companies such as Metropolitan that falsified documents that reflected virtual profits to dupe clients. The form in question was also found to buy real estate holding from itself and thus flagged for failure to comply with standards of ethical business.

Following her administrative genius at SEC, Helane earned a promotion to the director of the San Francisco region. This announcement sent shockwaves across the financial markets in the area as everyone knew they had to comply with high standards of accountability and transparency. Helane used her new position to influence change and bring an era of responsibility in finance.

Helane Morrison stands out as an authority in matters of compliance. In fact, compliance officers were of minimal relevance to most corporates, unlike today. The actions of practitioners like Helane Morrison have made the kind of work they do gain importance. Today, the practicing officers rely on experienced minds like Helane.

Helane Morrison also encouraged compliance officers to seek bigger responsibilities at their workplace so that they can represent compliance interests at the management level. Helane now revels in her role as Managing Director, Legal and Compliance Officer at Hall Capital. She leads by example and makes the perfect role model for other women.

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