Graeme Holm Works With Australians To Help Them Pay Their Home Loans Off In Record Time

Graeme Holm grew up in a housing commission estate in Australia and played Football in the Illawarra premier league. He suffered an injury during his sports career that forced him to reconsider his life’s path. He decided to take a detour and work in the finance industry, and he hasn’t looked back since. His first job was in the Australian banking industry where he became a bank manager at just 21 years old. He then worked his up serving a major 4 banking institution in multiple management positions. The last two decades of his life have been focused on working in the financial services industry, and he has become something of a specialist in the residential home and investment loans sector.

Graeme Holm now works with Infinity Group, and his company and himself have been nominated for a spread of categories in the Australian Broking Awards. He further devoted himself to the banking industry many years ago when he noticed that many clients were wanting to borrow more money after barely keeping up with their mortgage loans. Many of these people owed more than their house was worth even though the house had increased in price. He dug deeper and found there was room for his services in the home loans niche, and his partner and himself began to put together a plan to remedy the problem people were having in Australia with paying their home loans off.

Graeme Holm was asked how Infinity Group makes its money, and he commented that the company receives its income from commissions and fees for their services. Their older system was recently updated to serve their clients even better, and clients are continuing to be able to pay down their home loans much quicker than they would have been able to do without Graeme Holm and Infinity Group. Holm works with his team to come up with new ideas and better ways to help clients pay off their loans quicker, and he points to the fact that Infinity Group encourages its employees to share their ideas and work with other professionals in the industry. He believes that there are many good ideas out there in the financial world, but the best ones are the ideas that can be implemented as soon as possible without too much confusion or resistance. While some people may disagree, he wants Australians to know that they really can pay off their 30 year home loans within 5-7 years if they stay disciplined and focused.

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