George Soros Hits Trump Hard

The world is consists of two sets of people, known as movers and shakers. Some of these movers and shakers terrorize their enemies. One of these people goes by the name George Soros, deemed the boogeyman of the right and read full artilce.

Ever since his days working as a porter and waiter while gaining an education at the London School of Economics, George Soros has always been a liberal.

After his college days, he started a hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. Owning this fund would bring his net worth, according to, to $25.2 billion, which he had plans to use to irritate the Republicans everywhere by pushing his liberal agenda. He has been the right’s enemy and the left’s ally ever since he was brought into this world and learn more about George Soros.

Soros made an oath to do all in his power to keep George W. Bush from his position as president of the United States. To put an end to his era, Soros donated a record breaking $27 million to the Democratic Party to support John Kerry’s campaign and follow his

When John Kerry lost the presidential race, Soros immediately started to think of a new plan to abolish the Republicans. After George W. Bush’s term, Soros found the perfect candidate that he would support. Soros’ original plan was to support Clinton, but Soros then decided to lend support to Barack Obama, Illinois’ Senator. Even after donating millions, Soros blamed Barrack Obama for not being liberal enough and then gave his apologies to his longtime friend Clinton for not supporting her run for the presidency and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

After Barrack Obama’s term, Soros decided he would support Clinton and her presidential run. But after realizing that Trump could win the presidential race, his support for Clinton became even stronger. Soros does not stand for a thing that Trump supports. Soros paints Trump as a “mentally unstable fool” and Soros promises to keep him out of the white house. Soros donated $25 million to Clinton so that she could win. Soros also gave $1.5 million to democratic causes during that election and what George Soros knows.

Once Trump beat Clinton, Soros became enraged. Soros broke his promise to keep Trump out of the White House, so now he made it his duty to make his presidential term a difficult one. To rebel Trump’s win of the election, Soros began donating to events organized to end Trump policy. One day after Trump took office, there was a pink hat protest march in honor of women’s rights, which was all funded and organized by Soros. He has given money to super Pacs like Planned Parenthood Votes, the left leaning, Immigrant Voters Win, and American Bridge 21st Century, which fact checks and reveals the lies Republicans often tell and more information click here.

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